Greedy Bankers Are Already Creating the Next Financial Crisis

Banks have record profits, but Democrats and Republicans both seem determined to play with disaster.


Obama Has Always Been Cool with Taking Wall Street Cash

But accepting $400,000 for a speech right after leaving office, when his own refusal to take on Wall Street probably helped elect Trump, is still a uniquely bad look.


How a Cruel Foreclosure Drove a Couple to the Brink of Death

A married couple resorted to self-harm after being physically and psychologically terrorized by Bank of America over their house—until a judge fined the bank $46 million.


When You Find Out Your Neighbors Own Your House and They Try to Evict You

When veteran Danny Shedd bought his house, he didn't actually buy his house, but some property to the north. Then his problems started.


The Only Person Jailed for the Foreclosure Crisis Will Soon Go Free

Lorraine Brown was the only person convicted over a scheme that illegally foreclosed on millions of homes. And she's well on her way to freedom.


​‘Hell or High Water’ Might Be the Best Crime Movie of the Year

The heist thriller about a pair of bank-robbing Texas brothers is as gripping as it is politically minded.


Goldman Sachs to Pay Billions in Fines Related to the Financial Crisis, but Nobody's Going to Jail

The Department of Justice and Goldman reached a $5 billion settlement stemming from the financial titan's conduct in the lead up to the financial crisis.


Tearing Down Detroit

VICE News reporter Simon Ostrovsky travels to Detroit to find out how wrecking crews are actually improving conditions in parts of the battered city.


How a Pizza Party Made A Whole Town Angry At Their Mayor

Delicious pizza or the institutionalized homelessness of your neighbors—pretty hard choice, right? Garden City’s out-of-luck residents certainly don’t think so.


This Barbecue Joint Says a Racist Bank Intentionally Destroyed Their Business

The restaurant owners claim Mercantile Bank purposefully sought out black business owners to give them loans, only to call those loans in for no reason at all—thereby destroying several minority-owned businesses.


Rick Ross Dispenses Valuable Real Estate Advice, Announces Album with New Track "Foreclosures"

The MMG Boss releases a new track before he drops his new album 'Black Dollar.'


This Former Bank Regulator Quit His Job to Fight For His House

Eric Mains has been fighting big banks in court for years, and now he's embarking on a major gambit: He doesn't think they can prove they actually own his mortgage.