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The Amazon Wildfires Aren't Natural. Blame Humans

As the Amazon burns, it's important to know that intense wildfires aren't natural to the largest tropical rainforest ecosystem on Earth—people are to blame.


Teen Ordered to Pay $36 Million After Starting Massive Wildfire with Fireworks

The judge acknowledged that the 15-year-old probably doesn't have that kind of cash, though.


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Here's what life is like after the massive fire in Canada's Fort McMurray

After forest fires levelled entire neighbourhoods in the oil-rich Alberta town, residents are returning to find that rebuilding might not be as easy as they were promised.


This ‘Firenado’ In a California Wildfire Looks Like Hell on Earth

An unusual phenomenon that accompanies deadly wildfires.


Fort McMurray Residents Remain Displaced as Fire Pushes North

Estimates put the oil industry at a $770 million loss, and more evacuations have been ordered as the fire moves north.


A Ride Into the Ashes of Fort McMurray

As dozens of wildfires continue to burn in northern Alberta, VICE News took an adrenaline-pumping ride into Fort McMurray, the fire-ravaged oil town that has been evacuated.


The Fort McMurray Wildfire Isn’t ‘Ironic.’ This Is How Climate Change Works

The poor and vulnerable will be hardest-hit.


Wildfire Researchers Tell Us Why Our Future Is Flames

What's happening in Fort McMurray will become more common.


What You Need to Know About the Massive Wildfire Burning in Canada

The devastating fire comes only a month after the Alberta government cut $11.7 million from its wildfire management program.


A Turbulent Wildfire Is Ravaging Canada’s Oil Capital

Tens of thousands of Fort McMurray residents had to flee their homes on short notice, abandoning their belongings as a black sky loomed overhead, literally raining down ashes.


A Daring Filmmaker Shoots a Timelapse in a Forest Fire [Exclusive Photos]

Jeff Frost risks life and limb to capture stunning vistas of ecological damage. Definitely don't try this at home.