Three Percenters

What Right-Wing Militants Are Hoping for After a Government Collapse

We talked to Three Percenters and experts on the modern militia movement about their nebulous vision of a future many Americans want nothing to do with.
Mark Hay

Exploring the Future of Astro-Blackness

Talking African metaphysics and the next wave of Afrofuturism with Dr. Reynaldo Anderson.
Seth Ferranti
Garage Magazine

My Manifesto: The Manifesto that Isn't

Inaugurating a series of original artists' manifestos commissioned exclusively for GARAGE, sculptor Keith Edmier takes a cue from two notorious texts of the past century, bookending his own unique proclamation with a paradoxical denial of the form itself.
Keith Edmier

This Apocalyptic Architecture Investigates Invisible Military Control

Asad Ullah Khan blends architecture with narrative to create new worlds.
Catherine Chapman

40 Artists Set Their Sights on 2020

'20/20' is a collaborative exhibition between The Studio Museum in Harlem and the Carnegie Museum of Art
Antwaun Sargent
virtual reality

Here's a Baby VR Headset for the Parents of the Future

Wait, would you actually put your kid in an augmented infancy machine?
Dyllan Furness

The Museum of Capitalism Exposes the Cost of Our Collective Greed

Turns out we take a lot of terrible things for granted.
Nastia Voynovskaya

The Musicians Who Knew We'll Be Cyborgs Soon

How late-70s and early-80s electronic pop from Kraftwerk, Devo, and Young Marble Giants warned us of our post-human future.
Joe Bucciero
music videos

Beijing Cyberpunk Artist Gives a Dazzling Look into a Posthuman Future

Major 'Ghost in the Shell' vibes abound in Howie Lee's new music video, "Four Seas 四海."
Emerson Rosenthal
video art

New Subcultures Surface in the Future-Dystopian Films of Liam Young

Love and freedom are explored in ‘New Romance,’ three new films by the speculative architect and filmmaker.
DJ Pangburn
video art

In 2065, a Military Satellite Becomes Self-Aware—and Wants to Become an Artist

In ‘Geomancer,’ London-based artist Lawrence Lek imagines the artificial intelligences of the future as curious creatives.
DJ Pangburn
speculative design

Brave New Britain? One Architecture Student Reimagined the UK's Spectacular Future

Detailed and humorous architectural illustrations imagine what this brave new capital might look like.
Kevin Holmes