'Guns, Weed & Murder in South California,' Today's Comic by Matias San Juan

Matias San Juan tells us the true story behind the movie 'Alpha Dog.'
Matias San Juan
FMV games

‘Late Shift’ Is an Intriguing Failure of an FMV ‘Game’

Wales Interactive’s latest is neither an interactive movie nor a video game, but as a curious experiment it shows potential.
Mike Diver

Grim Photos of Gang Life in Brooklyn from the Early 2000s

The photographer known as Boogie has been documenting street life, gang violence, and crime in marginalized communities for two decades.
Seth Ferranti

What It's Like to Be the Daughter of a Notorious Gangster

Growing up in Badran, a rough neighborhood in central Yogyakarta, Indonesia, it took Wulan Mayastika a while to realize that things about her father just didn't add up.
Dea Karina
Holy Shit

Belly and Travis Scott Get Their Mob Movie on in "Money Go"

Squad out.
John Hill
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How Britain's Most Notorious Reformed Criminal Is Helping Offenders Navigate the Law

Jason Coghlan was jailed for armed robbery before finding an even more lucrative pastime: studying law to cater to gangsters in Spain.
VICE Staff

'I Hate People,' a Comic by Lukasz Kowalczuk

Blood flows and things explode in this comic about Polish gangsters.
Lukasz Kowalczuk

Talking to Convicted Drug Kingpins and Crime Experts About El Chapo’s Thirst for Fame

If nothing else, the saga of how Mexico's biggest drug lord ended up back in prison shows that, like so many other career criminals, he covets the spotlight.
Seth Ferranti

The Strange Tale of 'Shrimp Boy,' the Old-School Chinatown Gangster Being Sent Back to Prison

After being convicted of 162 charges, the scion of a bygone era in organized crime—whom I got to know as he did time in a San Francisco jail—could be done for good.
Max Cherney

The Real-Life Crime Lords Who Make Scarface Look Soft

Today, drug cartels and Latin American gangs are run by a type of criminal described by journalist Ioan Grillo as "part CEO, part terrorist, and part rock star." We spoke to the reporter about his new book documenting the rise of these super criminals.
Seth Ferranti

This White Dude Was a Boss in the Chinese Mafia

John "White Devil" Willis rose to the highest echelons of Boston's Chinese mafia. In 2011, he was arrested for a multi-million oxycodone ring. We talked to the author of a book on Willis about the criminal's life and crimes.
Seth Ferranti
VICE vs Video games

A Westerner’s Guide to SEGA’s Amazing Yakuza Games

The Bit Socket boys, founders of the UK Yakuza Fan Club, explain why the popular Japanese franchise warrants your attention.
Scott White and Joe Merrick