Gavin Newsom

2020 election

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Just Signed a Bill to Force Trump to Release His Tax Returns

Trump will have to release five years of his tax returns before his name can appear on the state’s primary ballot in 2020.
Morgan Baskin

Sex Workers Will Finally Be Able to Carry Condoms Without Fear of Arrest in California

The landmark bill also empowers them to report abuse and exploitation.
Marie Solis
gun violence

Gunman Kills 3, Including 6-Year-Old Boy, at California Food Festival

12 people were wounded, including the boy's mother and grandmother.
David Gilbert
VICE News Tonight on HBO

What's a Democrat anyway? We asked the governor of America's Democratic Party utopia

VICE News talks to the governor of California about 2020 and the left
Evan McMorris-Santoro
Death Penalty

California, the state with the largest death row population, is ending the death penalty

President Trump isn't happy about it
Tess Owen
Stephon Clark

It's not too late for California to charge the cops who shot and killed unarmed black man Stephon Clark

The district attorney won't charge the Sacramento Police officers who shot and killed Clark, who only had an iPhone on him, in his grandmother's backyard.
Tess Owen
2018 midterms

Last night proved Democrats are not in disarray

4 big takeaways from Tuesday's primaries
Alex Thompson
2018 midterms

Deep-blue California's primaries are shaping up to be chaos for Democrats

In the beating heart of the resistance, chaos is brewing.
Alex Lubben
Alex Thompson

You Might Need a Background Check to Buy Bullets in California After Next Year

An initiative that could be on the 2016 ballot in California aims for strict new regulations that supporters hope will jumpstart the national gun control movement.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
Our Man in San Fran

Most of the People Killed by San Francisco Cops Are Mentally Ill

For years, the city has failed to look after its mentally ill population, and too often this results in cops having to deal with situations they don't have training in.
Jules Suzdaltsev

Seattle Just Started a Nationwide Push for a $15 Minimum Wage

A policy that was once a left-wing pipe dream is set to become reality in the Emerald City, and a handful of liberal metropolises across the country are scrambling to keep pace.
Matt Taylor