Apple Music

Apple Music’s Excel Graveyard: Where Your Favorite Songs Go to Die

I tried accessing my favorite songs on Apple Music. A week, two Zip files, and one spreadsheet later, I found them.
Christina Svenson
a day ago

The One Company I Gave My Address To Won’t Delete It

I get packages delivered to friends and don’t have my name on my doorbell. But all of my work may have been undermined by a cheap mattress.
Joseph Cox
informed consent

Senators Introduce Bill That Would Ban Websites From Using Manipulative Consent Forms

Platforms have a problem with informed consent. A new Senate bill might change that.
Caroline Haskins

Netflix Has Saved Every Choice You’ve Ever Made in ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'

A tech policy researcher used GDPR to request information about all of his choices from Netflix.
Matthew Gault

How to Use GDPR To Stop Data Breaches Screwing You Over

You may just think of the GDPR as a privacy law. But you can use it to remove your sensitive data from company servers in anticipation of a hack.
Joseph Cox

Twitter Is Banning Anyone Whose Date of Birth Says They Joined Before They Were 13

According to the company, it can't separate content posted before and after the age of 13.
Jordan Pearson

This Guy Is Selling All His Facebook Data on eBay

“I realized that I’d been selling my data for free for ages, and decided it was time to cash in.”
Daniel Oberhaus

Here Are Some of the Worst Attempts At Complying with GDPR

Owen Williams, a freelance developer, has been collecting the more embarrassing, silly, and downright lame attempts companies are making to comply with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation.
Kaleigh Rogers

What Is GDPR and What Can America Learn From it?

After four years of debate, the General Data Protection Regulation is finally going into effect later this month. Personal privacy is of particular concern, but GDPR effect on consumers and Silicon Valley is still shaking out.
Karl Bode

Why Europe's New Privacy Laws Are Causing Some Online Games to Shut Down

The cost to comply with the new GDPR regulations is too much for games like 'Loadout,' 'Super Monday Night Combat,' and 'Ragnarok Online'
Matthew Gault
data privacy

WHATIS Going to Happen With WHOIS?

A new European data privacy law and official internet policy are about to conflict with each other.
Daniel Oberhaus