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Inside the Growing Men's Rights Movement in India

We met up with the activists and founder of SIFF, a leading men's rights organization taking cues from America's men's rights activists.
VICE Staff
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Wahlberg Also Made Eight Times Michelle Williams's Salary for 'All the Money'

He was reportedly paid $5 million for his role, while Williams made just $625,000.
Drew Schwartz
Woke Dad

My Woke Dad Tries to Explain Microaggressions

In this column, we ask our dads about woke terms and issues.
Hannah Ewens
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Why Men Treat Female Bosses Differently Than Their Male Counterparts

A recent study found that this issue is embedded in work culture, making it harder for women to progress into leadership roles.
Sophia Rahman

Arkansas Is Fixated on Abortions No One Is Having

Despite rampant sexism in America, my home state seems to believe there's only one threat to women and girls: mothers who want to abort them.
Monica Potts

Why a Women’s Strike in the Music Industry Is Much Gutsier Than it Seems

An interview with publicist and business owner Judy Miller Silverman about women in the music industry and her decision to go on strike.
Rachel Kraus

Four Leading Female Advocates Discuss the Challenges Facing Young Women Today

To commemorate UNICEF's 70th anniversary, we spoke with Chelsea Clinton, Rebeca Gyumi, Zainab Salbi, and Sara Saeed about the strides they've made for young girls around the world.
VICE Staff

Why India's Men's Rights Movement Is Thriving

The Indian movement might be taking cues from the American men's rights movement, but Indian MRAs are already "lightyears ahead."
Suman Naishadham
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India’s Tourist Minister Thinks Women Shouldn't Wear Skirts While Traveling

Critics say the minister's comments place the burden on women to prevent rape in a country with a rampant sexual-assault problem.
Matthew James-Wilson
Girl Writer

Why I Still Don't Give Blowjobs (Most of the Time)

Blowjobs are a privilege, not a right.
Alison Stevenson

We Crunched the Numbers and Electronic Music Festivals Still Have a Gender Equality Problem

An illustrated break-down of male and female musicians on 24 different line-ups.
Emilie Friedlander

We Asked an Economist What Would Happen if All Women Took 'Period Leave'

Would the economy crumble as businesses fell apart under the strain? Er, no—and it might actually make work more productive for everyone.
Amelia Dimoldenberg