GEO Group


ICE's Rapid Expansion Has Led to Chickenpox, Quarantines, and Desperation

Lawyers say that one detention facility run by a private prison company has been beset by health crises and isn't even properly licensed.
Meredith Hoffman

The Immigrant Crackdown Is a Cash Cow for Private Prisons

Detaining immigrants has turned into a very lucrative growth industry
Samuel Gilbert

How My Time as a Private Prison Guard Changed the Way I See Inmates

I once heard my dad say, "A bullet costs 75 cents—they ought to line them all up, and shoot them in the head."
M. LeAnn Skeen

Why I Invested in the Prison-Industrial Complex

Even in times of uncertainty, the corporations that build and operate prisons and jails seem guaranteed to turn a profit.
Michael Ames

​Why Are Minorities Overrepresented in Private Prisons?

For-profit prisons like healthy inmates, who tend to be young and black or Hispanic.
Alex Mierjeski

UK Asylum Seekers Just Held a Mass Hunger Strike in Their Detention Center

We called some of them up so that they could tell us what’s been going on in their own words. They painted a picture of horrible food, constant coldness, and a lack of access to facilities and the outside world.
James Poulter and Alan Johnson

Corporations Are Cashing in on California's Prison Overcrowding Crisis

California is being forced by the courts to move inmates out of its overcrowded prison system, which is just another opportunity for the people who make money from incarceration to cash in.
Ray Downs

Public Schoolteachers' Pensions Are Partially Funded by Private Prisons

Retirement funds for public school teachers (as well as other government employees) in several states have a combined $90 million invested in Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group, one of the largest private-prison companies in the...
Ray Downs

Who’s Getting Rich off the Prison-Industrial Complex?

Many of America's prisons are run by for-profit corporations, so clearly some people are making lots and lots of money off the booming business of keeping human beings in cages. But who are these people? Using public data, I came up with some names.
Ray Downs