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California Just Banned Private Prisons, Including ICE Detention Facilities

The Mesa Verde facility costs taxpayers $119.95 per detainee per day for the first 320 people detained there, according to an advocacy group


ICE's Rapid Expansion Has Led to Chickenpox, Quarantines, and Desperation

Lawyers say that one detention facility run by a private prison company has been beset by health crises and isn't even properly licensed.


The Immigrant Crackdown Is a Cash Cow for Private Prisons

Detaining immigrants has turned into a very lucrative growth industry


How My Time as a Private Prison Guard Changed the Way I See Inmates

I once heard my dad say, "A bullet costs 75 cents—they ought to line them all up, and shoot them in the head."


Homeland Security to reconsider locking up immigrants in private prisons

Eleven days after the DOJ said it would end the use of private prisons, DHS announced a plan to evaluate whether to "move in the same direction."


A Plan to Slash the Exorbitant Cost of Phone Calls for US Prisoners Got Put on Hold

A recent appeals court ruling is the latest development in a long battle waged by inmates and their loved ones against phone companies that contract with private prisons.


How Private Prisons Are Profiting From Locking Up US Immigrants

The 2016 presidential election could determine the future of the private prison industry in the US, but its two largest corporations now take in a combined $3.2 billion in annual revenue.


Why I Invested in the Prison-Industrial Complex

Even in times of uncertainty, the corporations that build and operate prisons and jails seem guaranteed to turn a profit.


​Why Are Minorities Overrepresented in Private Prisons?

For-profit prisons like healthy inmates, who tend to be young and black or Hispanic.