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Lebanon's Preeminent Couture Designer Shows Off His Glamorous Gowns

On a new 'STATES OF UNDRESS,' Hailey Gates heads to Beirut to meet Dany Atrache, one of the Middle East's leading fashion designers.
VICE Staff

Iris van Herpen's Otherworldly Design Inspires Futuristic Couture in Pittsburgh

The Carnegie Museum of Art challenged designers to create science and tech-infused garments for a fashion show at The Ace Hotel.
Kara Weisenstein

Designers Are Trying to Make Fashion Week Great Again

Industry insiders all agree that the way designers present collections is outdated and ineffective, as is the breakneck pace of the fashion cycle. This New York Fashion Week, however, some designers challenged the status quo.
Erica Euse

Raf Simons Is the Future of American Fashion

Raf Simons's appointment to chief creative director of Calvin Klein not only brings a new degree of cachet and international appeal to the American brand, it has the possibility of reinvigorating New York City's place in the global fashion paradigm.
Jian DeLeon

Can Fashion Embrace Disgraced Hitler-Loving Designer John Galliano Again?

His fall from grace was one of the most dramatic declines the fashion world has seen since Coco Chanel's outing as a Nazi collaborator. Now that he's been appointed to helm Maison Martin Margiela, everyone is wondering if he can make a real comeback.
Jeremy Lewis

Dressing Björk: Meet Fashion Designer Iris van Herpen

Details on Björk's custom-designed dresses and a peek at the Amsterdam-based designer's Spring 2012 couture collection.
Kathleen Flood