Hollywood: The Next Chapter


The Martial Arts Show That Is Destroying Asian Stereotypes on Screen

Actor Daniel Wu discusses his new show, 'Into the Badlands' and how Asian actors have to keep fighting for more diversity.


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'The Great Wall' proves that what works for a Chinese audience isn't always palatable for Americans.


Shut Up and Sing: Is Hollywood Actually Secretly Conservative?

It may seem like everywhere you turn another celebrity is speaking out against Donald Trump and his policies, but are there larger forces at play driving the entertainment industry forward?


Does the Classic Hero Narrative Have an Inherent Liberal Bias?

Liberalism in Hollywood has been pissing off conservative bloggers lately. But do screenplays themselves tilt to the left simply because the free market craves those kinds of stories?


The Producer of 'Reservoir Dogs' on the Film's 25th Anniversary and the Future of Indie Filmmaking

Lawrence Bender talks Tarantino, Trump, and the state of the movie business at large.


Eighteen Celebrities and Industry Leaders Explain How to Come Out in Hollywood

Maulik Pancholy, Lena Waithe, Lance Bass, Rhys Ernst, Harvey Guillen, and more tell us what's driving (and what may be easing open) Hollywood's LGBTQ closet.


What Does Hollywood's Next Chapter Look Like?

In an era of increasingly political awards speeches and an industry seemingly under fire from Washington, what's next for the city of stars?


Why Netflix Has Decided to Make Diversity a Top Priority

The streaming service is launching multiple shows that feature predominantly non-white casts. Creators and executives explain why now, more than ever, this is what they are focusing on.


As a Black Muslim Woman, Filmmaking Is My Resistance

My first feature film, about a black girl who dances, kisses, and reads the Qur'an, is my way of fighting erasure of the things I love.