Inside France's Fading Love Affair with Horse Meat

Horse meat fell from grace in the 1980s, but a few Parisian chefs are attempting to bring horse back into the limelight.


Customs Agents Find 42 Pounds of Horse Body Parts Hidden in Juice Boxes

Two women from Mongolia have joined the insane smuggling tactics hall of fame after being caught with 42 pounds of horsemeat and horse genitals hidden in juice boxes at Washington Dulles International Airport.


I Ate Pulled Horse and Charcuterie at This Pop-Up Horse Restaurant

“What we’re trying to avoid is being moralistic. Horse meat is healthy, and yet nobody eats it. Why would you eat a cow, but not a horse?"


Europeans Think the Meat Industry Is as Sleazy as Used Car Salesmen

According to a new report, Europeans trust the meat industry about as much as they trust a guy in a plaid suit trying to sell them an ‘88 Citroën.


New Arrests Have Been Made in the European Horsemeat Scandal

This week, British investigators arrested three men who played a role in bringing horsemeat to market in 2012.


Horse Burgers Could Be on the Menu at Kazakhstan's First McDonald's

Horsemeat is very popular in Kazakhstan, a country filled with steppes and flatlands where horses have been essential to long-distance travel throughout its history.


French Authorities Are Investigating an Illegal Horsemeat Trafficking Ring

Police detained 12 people who are suspected of falsifying identification documents for horses deemed unfit for human consumption, including horses used in laboratory procedures and horses taken from equestrian clubs.


A Belgian Company Thinks Brits Should Learn to Love Horse Meat

The UK might have freaked out about last year's horse meat scandal, but maybe it should discover the delicious, wholesome potential of equine jerky. At least, that’s what Belgian sports nutrition company Muscle Food says.


I’m So Hungry I Could Eat A Horse Burger

I traveled to the gorgeous Tivoli Park in the Slovenian capital for precisely one reason: to eat at the famed Hot-Horse, a mini-chain that's been serving equine eats since the mid-'90s. You'd better believe I ponied up for a giant, sloppy horseburger.