The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Mueller and Trump said to be negotiating interview, North Korea will send athletes to Olympics, Trump kicking 200,000 Salvadorans out of the US, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Cops Say Thieves Stole $590K of iPhones in Daring Highway Robbery

The gang allegedly pulled up behind a moving truck, broke in, and smuggled the loot through their sunroof—all while whizzing down a highway in the Netherlands.
Calder McHugh

Do Any of the Photos on Your Phone Have Artistic Value?

We wondered if there aren't some hidden gems in that avalanche of narcissism you call the camera roll.
Thomas Pedroli, Photos by Kas van Vliet

Researchers Say That Smartphones Are Causing ADHD-Like Symptoms in Adults

It's not good enough to just put your phone away in your bag.
Jake Kivanc

Your Life Will Be Better if You Give Up Your Phone

I believe in the power of technology and my understanding of culture is rooted in the internet, yet by not having an iPhone, I feel exempt from everyone else's bullshit.
VICE Staff

The ABCs of Teens

Your essential guide to all things teen, from Adderall to Zayn Malik.
Drew Millard

Cry-Baby of the Week: Some Teens Attacked a Woman Who Asked Them to Be Quiet During 'Furious 7'

Also this week: A kid allegedly trashed his mom's car because she confiscated his iPhone.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Flirtmojis Are Emojis for Dirty Sexting Fiends

The creators say they want to help teens sext safely and make sure people have access to "different types of vaginas."
Sophie Saint Thomas

Weinergates in Waiting: Will My Sexts Come Back to Haunt Me Too?

As Weinergate 2.0 has played out in recent weeks, it has occurred to me that many of us who now sext with wanton abandon may end up in, or vying for, positions of power. Might I also be facing a full-blown media scandal?
Kat George

The Future Is Almost Here

Soon you'll be running your dishwasher with your iPhone - if you can afford it.
Brian Merchant
Kill the Engine

I Finally Got an iPhone

I finally got an iPhone a few weeks ago. I think what sealed the deal was when I was out skating with some old bros and one of my unemployed/unemployable friends pulled his iPhone out of his pocket to Instagram some nonsense.
Michael Sieben