Islamic State


"American Taliban" John Walker Lindh Is Getting Out of Prison Today. He Still Might Be Radicalized.

A 2017 report said he “continued to advocate for global jihad and to write and translate violent extremist texts"


Army vet plotted to bomb white nationalist rally as "retribution" for New Zealand shooting, feds say

He allegedly asked an undercover FBI agent for help creating a bomb powerful enough to kill 50 people.


ISIS isn't dead. It's just moving to countries like Sri Lanka

Its "caliphate" may have collapsed, but ISIS remains a threat.


ISIS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka bombings

The attacks targeted churches and hotels across the country and left more than 300 dead.


The final victory in the battle against ISIS is now in sight

The battle is almost over, but for now ISIS fighters are still clinging to their last tiny piece of territory.


Inside the brutal, final battle against ISIS in Syria

VICE News embeds on the front lines of the final fight against ISIS in Syria


A British ISIS bride wants to come home from Syria. So the UK revoked her citizenship.

“If you have supported terrorist organizations abroad, I will not hesitate to prevent your return.”


Inside the al-Qaeda heartlands of Yemen

“They shot randomly, destroying homes. If a man is indeed a member of al-Qaeda, the military should run after him and not come here and destroy civilian homes.”


Deafened by the War on ISIS

Thousands of Iraqis, collateral victims of the war on the terrorist group, have found themselves left with war deafness that goes untreated.


Trump’s Syria plan is a “dream scenario” for ISIS, Russia, Iran and Assad

“Allies will suffer, Assad and Iran and Russia will gain.”


Here's what Mosul looks like 18 months after ISIS was driven out

“Nothing has changed here.”


Supreme Court rules against VICE in press freedom battle against the RCMP

The Supreme Court has upheld an RCMP order compelling VICE and reporter Ben Makuch to hand over source materials.