Tokyo 2020

A Heatwave Turned Tokyo's Olympics Preparations Into a Deadly Nightmare

A 50-year-old worker died this week, reportedly of heatstroke, as temperatures in Tokyo rose to an average of 94 degrees.
Tim Marcin
gun violence

These 10 Countries Are Warning Their Citizens the U.S. Is Dangerous

Countries around the globe are warning travelers about the risk of mass shootings and other acts of gun violence in the U.S.
David Gilbert
Games Features

An Online Feud Killed a Gaming Oddity People Had Waited 21 Years For

The strange world of fan localizations—a land of eternal hope and broken promises—dashed the excitement of fans ready to play this obscure 'Twin Peaks'-inspired game.
Patrick Klepek
Games Features

The Near Impossible 20-Year Journey to Translate 'Fire Emblem: Thracia 776'

Nintendo's heralded strategy series is now completely playable in English, thanks to the tireless work of fans battling what the community dubbed the "translation patch killer."
Patrick Klepek

South Korea Fighter Jets Just Fired 360 Warning Shots at a Russian Aircraft

Russia hasn't said what its aircraft was doing there, but it fits a pattern of the Kremlin trying to stoke tensions in the region — and it worked.
David Gilbert
food news

This Tokyo Pop-Up Promises Boba Fans the 'Tapioca Land of Your Dreams'

New York's Boba Room was a disappointing mess, but this Harajuku event promises you'll "experience tapioca with your whole body."
Jelisa Castrodale

Man in Japan Faces Charges After Selling $3 North Korean Beer for $148

The seemingly innocent grift of reselling a beer allegedly violated Japan's Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.
Bettina Makalintal

The Inside Story of Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, the Punk of Pro Wrestling

Catch up with Atsushi Onita, one of the legends of the game, before tonight's Tokyo episode of "The Wrestlers" on VICELAND.
Damian Abraham
food news

Japanese Lawmaker Asked to Resign for Suggesting War While Drunk on Cognac

After 10 glasses of cognac, Hodaka Maruyama also claimed to be "immune from arrest," and said, "I want to go out to grope breasts."
Bettina Makalintal
food news

All Burgers Should Have Entire Deep-Fried Crabs Instead of Buns

A new burger in Japan sandwiches a crab patty between two soft-shell crabs, which should be the new standard.
Bettina Makalintal

Enter Thrash Zone, a Japanese Metal Bar Where 'Extreme Beer' Is Everything

In 2006, there was nowhere in Japan to listen to face-melting riffs while drinking beer that tastes like Hell's bongwater. Then Koichi Katsuki came along.
Hilary Pollack
Kawasaki stabbing

"I Will Kill You": Japanese Man Attacks Schoolgirls, Killing 2

Sixteen people were injured in the stabbing attack at a bus stop in a Tokyo suburb, most of them girls between 6 and 12.
David Gilbert