jet propulsion laboratory


NASA Discovered a ‘Disturbing’ Glacier Hole Two-Thirds the Size of Manhattan

A new study from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory found that 14 billion tons of ice have almost entirely disappeared from Thwaites Glacier in the last three years.
Sarah Emerson
climate change

Human-Driven Climate Change Is Literally Making Earth ‘Wobble’

As the planet warms, ice loss at the poles—especially in Greenland—is having an effect on polar motion.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Find Evidence of Liquid Water on Mars

A reservoir of liquid water may be hiding under the ice cap on the south pole of Mars.
Daniel Oberhaus

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Is Battling for Its Life in an Epic Martian Dust Storm

Opportunity has driven farther and lived longer than any interplanetary rover. But can it survive one of the most intense dust storms ever observed on Mars?
Becky Ferreira
ISS Cube

NASA’s Atomic Fridge Will Make the ISS the Coldest Known Place in the Universe

Putting NASA’s Cold Atom Lab in space will allow quantum states to last for far longer than on Earth, offering researchers unprecedented insight into the quantum realm.
Daniel Oberhaus
data dump

NASA Destroyed Hundreds of Mystery Tapes Found in a Dead Man’s Basement

More than 300 data reels, some from Apollo-Era missions, were discovered in a deceased Pennsylvania man’s basement, FOIA documents reveal.
Sarah Emerson

NASA's Closer to Saturn Than Ever—Here Are Pics to Prove It

Check out the first images from the Cassini Spacecraft’s dive between Saturn’s rings.
Nathaniel Ainley
space art

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Will Crash into Saturn in a Blaze of Glory

This stunning CGI short recounts its historic accomplishments before unveiling its dramatic, planet-plunging finale.
Kevin Holmes

We Interviewed a Real Life NASA Dude About the New, Juno-Honoring Weezer and Trent Reznor Tracks

The Trent Reznor track sounds like Jupiter apparently.
Alex Robert Ross
Nik Kosieradzki

A Mysterious Piece of Space Junk Is Headed for Earth, and Astronomers Are Stoked

An unidentified piece of space debris originating from beyond the Moon is giving astronomers the rare chance to observe an object on a collision course with Earth.
Rachel Pick

This Is What Actually Happens When a Computer ‘Dreams’

Neural networks can be black boxes. These scientists want to change that.
Jordan Pearson

Advice for New Horizons from 1989

Suzanne Dodd knows how the New Horizons team must be feeling right now. She guided Voyager 2 on our first flyby of Neptune in 1989.
Matthew Walthert