NASA Will Fly a Copter on Saturn's Moon Titan

“Dragonfly will visit a world filled with a wide variety of organic compounds, which are the building blocks of life and could teach us about the origin of life itself.”
Becky Ferreira
climate change

Scientists Used Satellites to Spot Arctic Methane From Space

An experimental technique for measuring potent methane emissions in the Arctic proved successful.
Sarah Emerson

Megafloods on Mars Carved Giant Canyons Into the Red Planet

Jezero Crater, site of a Martian paleolake, is on the shortlist of landing sites for NASA's Mars 2020 rover.
Becky Ferreira
clean water

Take a Dip Into the Internet of Lakes

Smart lakes and smart forests are helping researchers understand how we’re hurting nature—and what we can do to fix it.
Meredith Rutland Bauer

Let Loose the Pollution-Sniffing Robot Eels

The robot uses luminous bacteria and plankton to detect freshwater contaminants.
Becky Ferreira
Experimental Lakes

Millions of Canadian Lakes Could Hold Clues About Ancient Life

Some look like ancient oceans from 2.5 billion years ago.
Lisa Cumming
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This startup wants to make a Google Street View for rivers, lakes, and bays

Nellie Bowles

These Aerial Photos Make Salt Ponds Look Like Abstract Art

Canadian photographer David Burdeny captures the chemical compositions of salt ponds all over the world.
Masha (Maria) Koblyakova

The Story Behind California's Abandoned Lake in the Middle of the Desert

On an all new episode of 'ABANDONED', host Rick McCrank visits the Salton Sea in California to understand what went wrong.
VICE Staff
Vice Blog

Confessions of a Teenage Lifeguard

Whether wrangling pervs or scooping poop, "it was the best job I've ever had."
Caroline Thompson
The Photo Issue 2014

From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Walk in the Woods

Thomas Albdorf makes beautiful images and then gives them titles like this: The Blooming of the Daffodil Flower Between May and June Leads Many Tourists Towards Lunzer Lake. Get into it!
Thomas Albdorf
The Profiles Issue


This series is my attempt to capture childhood memories revolving around my father. He has spent all of his 69 years in a small city in Poland and has been shaped by its culture, rural lifestyle, and decades under communist rule.
Aneta Bartos