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'That '70s Show' Star Kicked Off Netflix Show Amid Rape Allegations

Danny Masterson's character is being written out of 'The Ranch' after four women accused him of sexual assault.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

CIA says North Korea nearly capable of nuclear attack, protesters shut down Richard Spencer at his own rally, Senate passes Republican budget plan, and more.
VICE Staff

An Unseen Side of the 1992 LA Riots

Apocalyptic photos of firemen wielding shotguns and humvees cruising neighborhoods.
Messiah Rhodes
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No, the LAPD Is Not Going After Brad Pitt for Child Abuse

UPDATE: The FBI is reportedly investigating.
VICE Staff

How Immigrants Get Deported for Alleged Gang Involvement

Xochitl Hernandez, a grandmother of four, is just one example of what can happen when deportations are linked to alleged criminal activity without any presumption of innocence.
Aviva Stahl

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Investigators believe 100 Democrats were hit in the Russian cyberattack, the Trump Tower climber reportedly wanted an audience with the candidate, the DEA will announce an expansion to marijuana research, and more.
VICE Staff

I Took the LAPD's Class on How to Kill Fewer People

It was like <i>Let's Be Cops</i>, except the cops were in on it.
Mike Pearl
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Watch This Unsettling Short Film of a Kid Reenacting the LA Riots at His Birthday Party

While America watched as riots tore Los Angeles apart, a nine-year-old Nathan Silver inadvertently reinterpreted the country's turmoil into his first film during his birthday party.
Jeffrey Bowers

The LAPD's Unprecedented Plan to Shoot Fewer People

A union official says the new policy "will get officers killed, plain and simple."
Joe Domanick

​The LAPD Cops Who Play Themselves on TV

The gig has taken on new meaning at a time of heightened national scrutiny of law enforcement.
Hayley Fox
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An LAPD Cop Kept a Knife Allegedly Found on OJ Simpson's Property for Years

The knife was allegedly unearthed as many as 18 years ago, but the cop who got a hold of it took the thing home. Now it's being tested—even if OJ can't go on trial for murder again.
Helen Donahue

LA's Police Chief Explains How He Gets Rid of Dirty Cops

Talking to the top cop in Los Angeles about homelessness, police shootings, mental health, and body cameras.
Joe Domanick