maternal mortality


People Are Already Dying From Being Denied Abortions

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Black Mothers Keep Dying. These 2020 Candidates Want to Do Something About It.

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These Doulas Are Making Pregnancy Safer for Women of Color

"It’s not our bodies that are broken. We need to look at all the other external factors that are making childbirth more dangerous.”


Serena Williams Advocates for Maternal Healthcare After She Says She Almost Died

"Every mother, everywhere, regardless of race or background deserves to have a healthy pregnancy and birth."


Serena Williams’s Birthing Nightmare Is All Too Familiar for Black Women

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Black Women Are 3.5 Times More Likely to Die From Being Pregnant Than White Women

And Republicans' last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare would only make things worse.


More people around the globe are living long enough to get cancer

As life expectancy hits an all-time high, the growing burden of chronic disease is posing new obstacles to global health systems.