He Was Sentenced to Only Two Days in Jail, a Lawsuit Says. Three Months Later, He Killed Himself in His Cell.

Robert Wayne Johnson's wife is suing a Mississippi county, saying he was held past his release date and not provided with mental healthcare.


Mississippi Cops Fatally Shot an Undocumented Man They Mistook for a Domestic Violence Suspect

Now, the city is trying to avoid a lawsuit by arguing he doesn't have any constitutional rights.


Life After an ICE Raid

For years, immigrants had been showing up in Morton to work at the chicken plants. Then ICE showed up.


Mississippi Wedding Venue Cited “Our Christian Race” as Excuse for Not Serving Interracial Couple

A viral video prompted an apology that acknowledged interracial relationships aren’t addressed in the Bible to begin with


DHS Canceled Congressional Tour of Immigrant Detention Facilities at Last Minute, Members Say

They tried to visit 11 Border Patrol stations that they'd toured last week, where there were “serious ongoing problems"


This Mississippi Chicken Plant Just Held a Jobs Fair to Replace Workers Snatched Up by ICE

“To be honest, the plant can’t move without them,” said one applicant, a veteran of Koch plants.


The ICE Raids in Mississippi Have Made Life Nearly Impossible for Families: "I'm Afraid to Leave My House"

For the roughly 680 arrested last week at seven chicken plants across central Mississippi, the trouble is just beginning.


“Thank You For Taking Care of My Daughter”: Ordinary Mississippians Are Helping Families Shattered by Mass ICE Raids

“The kids were tired. They were sitting alone on the side of the road. I was like, ‘This is crazy.’”


Mississippi Republican Won’t Let Female Reporter Cover His Campaign. It Might Look Like an Affair.

Larrison Campbell wanted to shadow state Rep. Robert Foster on the campaign trail and report from his car — a pretty standard request


So-Called "Heartbeat Bills" Are a Lie, and Doctors Want You to Stop Calling Them That

The science behind laws banning abortion after a fetal "heartbeat" is detected is inaccurate.


“Here We Go Again:” This Judge Blocked Another Mississippi Abortion Ban and He's Tired

Judge Carlton Reeves previously blocked Mississippi's 15-week ban.


Drug Addiction Used to End Political Careers, but That's Finally Changing

Around the country, candidates for local office are opening up about their histories of drug use.