Neil Gorsuch


Neil Gorsuch Might Just Be the Supreme Court Justice Who Saves LGTBQ Workers' Rights

“It’s close, OK?” Gorsuch said during arguments Tuesday.


It looks like Trump could get his citizenship question on the 2020 census

The conservative Supreme Court justices seemed to buy the government’s argument about voting rights enforcement.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg just underwent surgery for lung cancer — but she's going to be fine

The disease was discovered incidentally during testing after Ginsburg fell in her office and broke three ribs in November.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell in her office and broke 3 ribs

Ginsburg’s health has been a matter of intense speculation, since she is the oldest member of the court by 5 years and is one of its four sitting liberal justices.


Right-wing dark money backing Kavanaugh outspent the left-wing "smear campaign" by millions

"Not only does the public not know the true source of the money, they didn’t even have any sense of who’s spending.”


We're Watching the Slow Poisoning of the Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was unusually contentious and bitter, but it wasn't an aberration.


Brett Kavanaugh Could Decide Up to 13 Abortion-Related Cases in the Next Year

More than a dozen abortion rights cases in district courts could make it to the Supreme Court in time for a newly confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh to weigh in.


What Would Happen in the Minutes and Hours After the Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade?

From cops forcibly closing abortion clinics to "abortion tourism," the country could change overnight.


5 ways Trump’s Supreme Court pick could reshape America

Without Justice Kennedy, the Supreme Court could shift on issues like abortion, gay rights, and the death penalty.


Democrats can’t decide how hard they want to fight Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

So far, the Democratic response to Anthony Kennedy's impending retirement has been more scattered than united.


A Second Trump Term Just Got Way More Likely Thanks to the Supreme Court

A historic decision against unions will hurt workers and could sap Democrats of political power for a generation.