Beer Publication Faces Backlash After Printing Anti-#MeToo 'Parody' Piece

The publisher who wrote the piece has since resigned amid industry-wide criticism.
Bettina Makalintal
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This Video of Trump Singing 'Thank U, Next' Is Truly Cursed

Brace yourselves.
Kara Weisenstein
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Tim Heidecker's New Song 'Ballad of the Incel Man' Is Savage as Hell

It's a brilliant roast of the kind of dudes that wear 'Hillary for Prison' shirts or whatever.
River Donaghey
kanye west

‘SNL’s Parody of Kanye’s Meeting With Trump Feels Like Real Life

This... barely feels like comedy anymore.
Shaad D’Souza
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Watch the Explosive New Trailer for 'American Vandal' Season Two

The search for the "turd burglar" looks like it's about to be a major shit show.
Beckett Mufson

'Fortnite’ Porn Parody Has Biting Commentary About Free-to-Play Monetization

The ‘Fortnite’ porn parody has fornicating llamas, nut sack cosmetics, streamers, terrible puns, and an anti-microtransaction message.
Matthew Gault
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Here Is a Song Made Up Entirely of Shania Twain's Facebook Page Comments

YouTube comedy-songwriter Hot Dad sings the strangeness of the comment section, with every spelling mistake intact.
Alex Robert Ross
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A Twitter Joke Convinced People Trump Watches the 'Gorilla Channel' All Day

The fake 'Fire and Fury' excerpt fooled the internet into thinking the president loves his "gorilla-based content."
Drew Schwartz
Noisey 2017

The Ting Goes Skrrrahh, Pap–Parody, and Into The Mainstream

How did two parody rap acts—Big Shaq and Kurupt FM—become two of this year’s most successful artists?
Niloufar Haidari
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'American Vandal' Is Getting a Second Season

Funny or Die just dropped a new teaser, suggesting teen investigative reporter Peter Maldonado might have bigger fish to fry than #WhoDrewTheDicks.
Beckett Mufson
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Netflix Is Making a True-Crime Parody About Dick Graffiti

The series, 'American Vandal,' aims to get to the bottom of a more mundane, if not equally important, mystery.
VICE Staff
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The Starving Artist Simulator Is Everything You Ever Wanted—Minus the Debt!

Do you have what it takes to balance rent, baguette, and wine costs while making your art career flourish?
Andrew Nunes