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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Edited a Trump "America First" Campaign Speech. Manafort Helped Them Do It.

Longtime Trump friend Thomas Barrack sent the prepared remarks to a contact who shared them with the Emiratis and the Saudis.
Alex Lubben
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Rick Gates and Mike Flynn Just Got Subpoenaed by House Democrats

Democrats are now calling in direct witnesses.
Greg Walters
Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort to Complete Personal Journey from Trump Tower to Rikers. Reportedly.

The Manhattan DA wanted to ensure Manafort would still face prison time if Trump pardoned him
Emma Ockerman
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America, You Now Own Paul Manafort’s (Depreciating) Trump Tower Condo

The federal government has seized condo 43G — and it's worth quite a bit less now, thanks to the name on the building
Rex Santus
Paul Manafort

Manafort's Banker Tried to Bribe His Way Into Becoming Trump’s Treasury Secretary with $16 Million in Loans

Stephen Calk, 54, approved $16 million worth of loans to Manafort, President Trump’s disgraced former campaign chairman, while forwarding a list of senior administration positions and ambassadorships he wanted in exchange, prosecutors said in a statement
Greg Walters
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Barr doesn’t have a problem with Trump praising Manafort for not “flipping”

"Discouraging flipping, in that sense, is not obstruction.”
Christina Sterbenz
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Kellyanne Conway's lawyer husband George just went off on Trump's "condition of mind"

The tweetstorm went viral
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Paul Manafort

New York prosecutors just indicted Paul Manafort on new charges

The charges were announced in an emailed press release by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance moments after a judge in Washington sentenced Manafort for a completely separate series of crimes.
Greg Walters
Paul Manafort

Manafort’s second sentence means he’ll spend more than 7 years in prison

Now Manafort, who turns 70 next month, looks set to spend a big chunk of his retirement in prison — unless President Trump pardons him.
Greg Walters
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What Federal Inmates Are Saying About Paul Manafort Getting Just 47 Months

"Only the non-connected do real time," one told us.
Seth Ferranti
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Manafort got a lighter sentence than if he’d been dealing crack

If Manafort had been busted trying to sell an ounce of crack, he would have faced a mandatory federal five-year sentence.
Greg Walters

How a Simple Copy/Paste Revealed Explosive New Detail in Manafort’s Case

Redacted court documents keep getting unredacted because of simple, relatively easy to avoid errors. Here’s how to better redact PDFs.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai