Trump's Tanks Are Here

Several trains rolled into Washington, D.C., on Tuesday carrying tanks.


The Pentagon Revealed Its Nuclear War Strategy and It's Terrifying

'The United States has always sought to use its nuclear weapons for more than deterrence despite protestations to the contrary.'


Sweden vs. U.S.: Who'll Get Their Hands on Julian Assange First?

The extradition battle is heating up.


Chelsea Manning Probably Won't Be Out of Jail for Long

Before she was even released from jail Thursday, Manning was hit with another subpoena for the exact same reason.


The Real Consequences of Pulling U.S. Troops out of Africa

ISIS-linked groups have stepped up their activity since the Tongo Tongo ambush that left four U.S. Green Berets dead


There's a battle brewing over where to send Julian Assange first

Investigators in Sweden say they’re considering reopening a 2010 rape case against the WikiLeaks founder


Here's why Ecuador kicked Assange out of the embassy

It's amazing they let him stay almost seven years, considering all the bad behavior


The Boeing crashes are becoming a bigger problem for Trump's White House

President Donald Trump and members of his Cabinet could even become involved.


A U.S. marine is being investigated for sharing anti-Semitic and racist memes online

House Democrats are asking the Pentagon to explain how it screens service members across the armed services for extremist beliefs.


"Thousands" more troops are being sent to the U.S.-Mexico border

The additional deployment comes as unauthorized border crossings have hit record lows


The Supreme Court just allowed Trump’s transgender military ban to go into effect

The other ongoing lawsuits, however, could stop the ban in its tracks.


The Pentagon Spent Billions Fighting the War on Drugs Without Even Asking for a Plan

A new government watchdog report says the Pentagon has paid states billions of dollars for counter-narcotics operations without ever asking what would be done with that money.