2 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S10 “Vault-Like Security” Beaten By A $3 Screen Protector

The company has issued a warning to users about a new “security breach”.

3 days ago

New Bill Promises an End to Our Privacy Nightmare, Jail Time to CEOs Who Lie

"Mark Zuckerberg won’t take Americans’ privacy seriously unless he feels personal consequences. Under my bill he’d face jail time for lying to the government," Sen. Ron Wyden said.


Human Rights Activist Allegedly Targeted With NSO Malware Says His Life Is ‘Hellish’

Amnesty International details attacks against two Moroccan human rights activists allegedly carried out with NSO Group’s spyware.


Twitter Took Phone Numbers for Security and Used Them for Advertising

This could make people think twice about using a phone number to secure their account at all.


Google Is Investigating Why it Trained Facial Recognition on ‘Dark Skinned’ Homeless People

Former workers reveal "questionable and misleading methods" used to obtain facial scans.


Hackers Target Sex Forum Exposing Users’ Email Addresses

Hackers stole data from Flirtsexchat, a sex website running vulnerable vBulletin software.


The Internet of Things Is Still a Privacy Dumpster Fire, Study Finds

Biggest IoT study ever finds “smart” devices hoover up a universe of user behavior data and share it with a laundry list of global third parties, frequently with little transparency to the end user.


This Company Built a Private Surveillance Network. We Tracked Someone With It

Repo men are passively scanning and uploading the locations of every car they drive by into DRN, a surveillance database of 9 billion license plate scans accessible by private investigators.


Apple Is Pushing a 'Birth Control' App That Has Led to Unwanted Pregnancies

The Natural Cycles app, which is features in Apple's own "Health" app, relies on a birth control practice that's far less effective than other common methods.


Bernie Sanders Says DMVs Should Stop Profiting From Drivers’ Personal Data

The comments follow Motherboard’s investigation into how DMVs are selling drivers’ data.


Experts Say Law Should Change to Stop DMVs From Selling Your Personal Data

Motherboard found that DMVs across the country are selling personal data likely without drivers’ knowledge, including to private investigators.


DMVs Are Selling Your Data to Private Investigators

You gave them your data in exchange for a driver’s license. DMVs are making tens of millions of dollars selling it, documents obtained by Motherboard show.