#YachtCocaineProstitutes is trending all because of Devin Nunes

Nunes is suing the McClatchy Company, which owns 29 newspapers, for its reporting on an allegedly drug- and sex-filled party on a boat owned by a Napa Valley-based winery.


Charity bosses paid young Haitians for sex after the 2010 earthquake

It was “like a full-on Caligula orgy.”


One of the Best Taquerías in Tijuana Is Surrounded by Prostitutes, Addicts, and Horny Gringos

The "nameless taquería" is located in the Zona Norte of Tijuana, a go-to spot for drugs, sex, and other forms of debauchery. Even better, it happens to serve some of the best tacos in the region.


Prostitute Offered to Perform Sex Acts on a Cop in Exchange for Taco Bell

In case you were wondering, two soft shell tacos from Taco Bell costs a grand total of $2.38.


How Sensational Headlines and Puritanical Charities Hurt Sex Workers

Christian charity Changing Lives releases reports about prostitutes "selling themselves," but their moralistic approach won't change anything for the better.


Are Some Kinds of Sex Work 'Better' Than Others?

I asked strippers, cam girls, dominatrixes, and prostitutes, and two hierarchies emerged.


This Coffee Shop Wants to Sell You Blowjobs with Your Macchiato

If all goes well, Facegirl hopes to open the café by the end of the year. Looks like “un petit café” will have an entirely new meaning in Geneva henceforth.


We Investigate Canada's Epidemic of Missing Indigenous Women Tonight on VICELAND

VICE explores what's behind the disturbing rise of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada and what's being done to stop it on tonight's episode of 'WOMAN' on VICELAND.


This Cartoonist Wants to Convince the World the Virgin Mary Was a Sex Worker

Chester Brown talks about paying for sex, the spiritual dimensions of prostitution, and his new, sex-charged reimagining of the Bible.


Everything You Need to Know About the Amnesty Sex Work Argument, Broken Down

This week, Amnesty International took a bashing after they called for the global decriminalization of sex work. Here's what you need to know.


The Bunny Ranch Pimp Wants to Run for Senate to End Sex Trafficking

Dennis Hof may seem like an odd person to defend sex trafficking victims, but he believes his experience with legal prostitution proves that decriminalizing the oldest profession would end one of the world's biggest human rights issues.


Bunny Ranch Pimp Dennis Hof Wants to Run for Senate to End Sex Trafficking

The proprietor of Nevada's most famous brothel is running for office to promote his solution to sex trafficking: legalizing prostitution.