Remembering the Hipster


What Will Replace the Hipster?

A guide to the subcultures you will come to hate over the next few years.


Inside the World of Hipster Erotica

Her ten-book series, 'The Complete Hipster Gangbangs,' turns every hipster stereotype into an opportunity for group sex.


What Makes a Neighborhood 'Hip'?

Is it by design? Marketing? Close proximity to a gourmet cheese shop?


Being a Hipster Is Not Compatible with Being Black

Being a hipster essentially means you struggle to give your life meaning through the things you consume and the irony you employ. Being black in America means that your struggle is for life itself.


We Asked an Expert If Hipsters Have Fucked Up the English Language

Hipsters use English. Hipsters ruin everything. Therefore, did hipsters ruin English?


Defining 'Hipster'

Hipster, as a term, is notoriously difficult to define. Mainly because it doesn't really mean anything.


The Cobrasnake Looks Back on a Decade of Shooting Hipster Parties

Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter shot over a million party photos over the course of ten years.


How Did the Hipster Become Mainstream?

The true hipsters have become too mainstream to remain hip, and the mainstream itself has reacted by picking up that which was once alt.


Here Lies the Hipster

2015 was the year that the hipster (at least the hard-defined, Look At This Fucking variety) died.


We Asked an Expert Why People Hate Hipsters

Are you a hipster? No? That's because no one is.


VICE Staffers Reveal the Most Hipster Stuff They've Ever Done

There's really no way to get around the fact that VICE is, or at least was and probably still is depending on who's asking, definitely, probably, at least a little bit totally hipster.


The Definitive Guide to Hipster Music Genres

All the music you loved for three months, from Bloghaus to Witch House and everything in between.