Holy Shit

Listen to the First Song from Dave Lombardo's Thrashy New Band, Dead Cross

Stream "We'll Sleep When They're Dead," the ex-Slayer drummer's fastest, nastiest work in years,
Noisey Staff
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Meet Dead Cross, Dave Lombardo’s New Hardcore Punk Band With Members of The Locust and Retox

We talked to the legendary ex-Slayer drummer about how (and why) he formed a brand-new new hardcore punk band last week.
Kim Kelly

We Spoke to Justin Pearson About the State of Modern Punk, Not Being Lazy, and Andrew W.K.

He’s published books, trolled Jerry Springer and basically been on tour for 24 years. Remove Justin Pearson from punk and there would be a massive gap where history should be.
Emma Garland

Retox's New Video Is a Good Old Fashioned Beatdown

Watch the dude from Dillinger Escape Plan chase you down with a baseball bat. In slow mo.
Noisey Staff
Deep Ass Questions

Is Jumping on Someone's Head OK? Musicians Weigh In on the Great Stagedive Debate

Stagediving: Badass way to earn punk cred or total dick move? We let a bunch of bands decide.
Dan Ozzi
Jonah Bayer

Narrows and Retox Cover the Hardcore Spectrum on Their Split Seven-Inch

Fast, spastic assaults and slow, guttural burners.
Noisey Staff
Music Video Premieres

Retox - "Congratulations, You Are Good Enough" (Official Video)

You should probably watch the premiere of "Congratulations, You Are Good Enought," because these days it's getting harder and harder to find music that'll bash your fucking brains in.