These Trans Latinas Started Their Own Beauty Co-op to Defy Discrimination

After years of experiencing discrimination at work, three trans immigrant women started a trans beauticians' co-op in Queens, New York—and are welcoming others to join. Broadly spoke to them about how they made it happen.
Moira Lavelle
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Mining Cryptocurrency to Pay for Journalism Is Not the Worst Idea I've Ever Heard

When Salon tried a new way to monetize users with adblockers, everybody hated it.
Jordan Pearson
nail art

Stunning Nail Art Explodes Off the Pages of This Photo Book

'Paint & Polish' explores the intimacy and economics of nail art.
Kelsey Lannin

Inside the Boutique that Transforms Girls into Princesses

Ten years after the opening of Disney's first Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, we take a look inside the salon known for transforming kids ages three to 12 into young royalty.
Samantha Friend

Hair Stylists Tell Us About Their Worst Clients

"Mall security had to be called."
Sean McManus
A Few Impressions

'Salò' Revisited

Pier Pasolini's 20th-century take on the Marquis de Sade's 18th-century masterwork of depravity might be stomach turning, but it's also staggeringly honest about the power and chaos of unchecked desires.
James Franco

Tao Lin Talks to Tyrant Re: “Taipei”

This interview was conducted in the wee hours of the morning on the bed of Tao Lin, in his apartment on the east side of Manhattan, with a small party going on in the other corner of the room. This is the first, definitive interview with the author...

Make Politics Stop, Please

If you’re lucky enough not to be paying attention to American electoral politics, a good visual metaphor for it is that of two diarrheal, toothless pigs trying to eat each other in a pen that’s rapidly filling up with their sour-smelling feces.
Harry Cheadle

120 Days of Sodom

Aren't reading and writing essentially acts of dominance and submission? The train of thought imposed by the author must be, by default, followed by her audience. By processing the words in this sentence, you are submitting to me. You little bitch.
Michelle Lhooq