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Netflix's 'Living with Yourself' Proves Two Rudds Are Better Than One

The charming series about a Paul Rudd clone may not be groundbreaking sci-fi, but how can you resist two Rudds?


Epstein Truthers Are Obsessed With a Sci-Fi Book About Child Sex Slavery Written by Bill Barr’s Dad

I bought a novel by Donald Barr about sex slaves in space for $1.95. Now, it’s worth hundreds.


The Disturbing Sci-Fi Sex Scene from 'Splice' Is a Reminder Not to Mess with DNA

Recent research into human-animal hybrids raises the question: Have none of these scientists seen the 2009 film 'Splice'?


These 'Stargate' Fans Spent 10 Years and $60K Building a Replica of an Atlantis Gate

Les Enfants de Mac Gyver worked together to build a 19-foot replica of a gate from 'Stargate Atlantis.' And now, they’re building another one.


How the Devs Behind 'Sable' Found Inspiration in the Enigmatic

Beyond every mysterious horizon is research, writing, and careful planning.


Before the Labyrinthine Lore of 'Dark Souls,' There Was Gene Wolfe

The author of 'The Book of the New Sun' was a master of creating playful and ambiguous lore.


What Western Media Got Wrong About China’s Blockbuster ‘The Wandering Earth’

‘The Wandering Earth’ offered an important perspective on climate change and capitalism, but the West’s reviews of the movie are distracted by a techno-Orientalist fear of China.


'Farscape' Was Feminist Sci-Fi Before It Was Cool

Twenty years on, the space serial still holds up thanks to its cast of complex, flawed, interesting female characters and its intelligent approach to gender politics.


'Objects in Space' Knows the Future Sucks, But Makes the Best of It

The final frontier may not be the most exciting place. But that's ok.


Robert Pattinson and André 3000's New Space Thriller Looks Completely Bonkers

A24's 'High Life,' directed by Claire Denis, hits theaters this spring.


These Are the 30 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies on Netflix

Beyond 'Avengers: Infinity War,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,' 'Black Panther,' and 'Thor: Ragnarok,' there are a couple dozen great nerd films in the streaming giant's archive.


Jordan Peele's 'Twisted' New Sci-Fi Show 'Weird City' Looks Completely Bonkers

The trailer features everyone from Rosario Dawson to Michael Cera to LeVar Burton shooting up a giant tube.