Science Fiction


Blue Dusk

On a colonized Mars, a scientist and a revolutionary grapple with whether to stay, or to fight.



Behold: the augmented reality-enabled, government-mandated end of racism.


Epstein Truthers Are Obsessed With a Sci-Fi Book About Child Sex Slavery Written by Bill Barr’s Dad

I bought a novel by Donald Barr about sex slaves in space for $1.95. Now, it’s worth hundreds.


The Installation

A horrifying, dystopian science fiction short that imagines the future of big pharma.


The Disturbing Sci-Fi Sex Scene from 'Splice' Is a Reminder Not to Mess with DNA

Recent research into human-animal hybrids raises the question: Have none of these scientists seen the 2009 film 'Splice'?


'Oxygen Not Included' Is a Darkly Comic Fight for Survival

Watch "dupes" high five and stress vomit as they mine resources, fabricate machines, sleep on ladders, and, uh, bury their fallen friends


These 'Stargate' Fans Spent 10 Years and $60K Building a Replica of an Atlantis Gate

Les Enfants de Mac Gyver worked together to build a 19-foot replica of a gate from 'Stargate Atlantis.' And now, they’re building another one.


Still Life of a Death Broker

Eventually, there will only be one thing left worth streaming.


Leaving Earth Comes with Serious Psychological Risks

The film ‘Aniara’ asks what humans are without our home world.


How the Devs Behind 'Sable' Found Inspiration in the Enigmatic

Beyond every mysterious horizon is research, writing, and careful planning.


What Western Media Got Wrong About China’s Blockbuster ‘The Wandering Earth’

‘The Wandering Earth’ offered an important perspective on climate change and capitalism, but the West’s reviews of the movie are distracted by a techno-Orientalist fear of China.


The Department of Suicide

In a white concrete cell, a doctor from the DoS sat across a plastic table and questioned Catherine Gabriel as to why she had chosen misery over standard-issue happiness.