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Sex Work Empowers Me as a Disabled Woman

I never thought I'd be able to find a job that worked for me, but being an escort allows me to work around my health issues.
Hayley Jade
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Meditation in the Time of Low Self-Esteem

I don't practice meditation to become more enlightened. I do it to massage certain qualities within myself that make it difficult for me to live on Earth.
So Sad Today

Learning to Love My Body at Jamaica's Infamous Nude Resort

The wildest part of Hedonism II wasn't the nudity or fetish wear at dinner—it was drinking a piña colada <i>in the pool.</i>
Anna Pulley

We Asked People Which Part of Their Body They Like Most

A new survey says 75 percent of women aren't happy with the way they look. Fuck that.
Morgan Harries
Vanilla Spice

Pretending to Be a Giantess Helped Me Feel Like a Boss

The giantess fetish mostly involves submissive men getting off to the idea of being crushed or eaten alive by destructive, sky-scraper sized women.
Alison Segel

Women Talk About the Moments They Felt Most Powerful

For some it was succeeding at work, for others it was successfully threatening a sibling's bully.
VICE Staff
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​Only Everyone Can Judge Me

I take solace in the realization that the river of haterade is going to flow no matter what.
So Sad Today
so sad today

Being My Own Worst Enemy Is Going OK

If I recognize everything that could possibly be wrong with me in every situation, I won't be caught off guard if someone else sees it.
So Sad Today

Michael Works on His Social Anxiety in This Week's Comic from Stephen Maurice Graham

"You are the hero of your own personal Dungeons and Dragons campaign. You are powerful!"
Stephen Graham
The VICE Guide to Making 2016 Better Than 2015

Why Ghosting Each Other Is So Bad for Young People

Why is dating so hard? Maybe it's because everyone is so bad at communicating.
Sarah Ratchford

Living and Dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

These two women have found an effective way to treat their BDD through art.
Michelle Olley

It's Seriously Depressing to Lose Your Hair

Balding can destroy a man's self-esteem and ruin his sense of identity.
Paul Willis