Thankless jobs

Shelly the Tortoise Is Here to Stop Kids From Beating Up Robots

“When a child started to beat our robot, the others were motivated to follow that child’s action, enjoying hitting the shell together.”
Becky Ferreira
Mo Oil Mo Problems

Three Communities Are Suing Fossil Fuel Companies Over Rising Sea Levels

The decades-long attempt to obscure data about climate change doesn’t work in the companies’ favor.
Daniel Oberhaus

Corporate America is freaking out Trump might leave Paris accord

Noah Kulwin
Greenhouse Gases

Canada Is Dragging Its Feet on Capping Dangerous Methane Leaks

The government finally has a plan to regulate methane leaks from the oil and gas industry. It doesn’t come into effect until 2020.
Lisa Cumming

Welcome to the Warped World of Valee'

The Chicago rapper gives trap a retrofuturist twist on his new mixtape '1988' and tells his story for the first time.
Josh Terry
Fossil Fuels

Shell Is Abandoning Canada’s Oilsands

Shell says it’s focused on becoming a “company of the future,” and that future apparently doesn’t include the Alberta oilsands.
Bryson Masse
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

Watch This Woke Documentary Shell Made About Climate Change in 1991

And consider how it did the exact opposite of what it preached.
Daniel Oberhaus

Crab and Shrimp Shells Could Be Used to Make Battery Parts of the Future

Scientists building new materials are looking to nature for inspiration.
Kate Lunau

Attack by 'Avengers' Militant Group Forces Chevron to Close Oil Facility in Nigeria

A militant group called the Niger Delta Avengers, which has ordered companies to leave Nigeria's oil-rich region, claimed responsibility for the attack.
VICE News and Reuters

Nigeria Strikes Back Against 'Avengers' Group That Has Been Terrorizing Oil Companies

The Niger Delta Avengers are a new militant group that has claimed responsibility for a recent wave of attacks on pipelines in Nigeria's oil-rich south.
VICE News and Reuters

Ambushes, Kidnappings, and Dead Cops: Niger Delta Oil Production Hits Historic Low Amid Violence

Multinational oil giants Shell and Chevron have been forced to stall oil production in Nigeria in recent weeks as the uptick in violent attacks on pipelines puts pressure on the country's finances.
VICE News and Reuters

Leak of Cancer-Causing Chemical Forces Residents of Canada’s 'Chemical Valley' Indoors

The 'Chemical Valley' around Sarnia, Ontario is home to about 40 percent of Canada's petrochemical industry and in 2011 the World Health Organization crowned Sarnia's air as the worst in Canada.
Hilary Beaumont