Seven Years of Syria

VICE traveled to the Syria-Lebanon border to meet teen refugees whose youth has been destroyed by war.
Maddison Connaughton
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Suspected Austin bomber kills himself, Cambridge Analytica CEO suspended, Israel cops to 2007 Syria strike, and more.
VICE Staff

Iraq’s PM just told Tillerson to GTFO

Haider al-Abadi issued a terse statement after a meeting with America’s top diplomat, reminding him, “no side has the right to intervene in Iraq’s affairs or decide what Iraqis should do.”
David Gilbert
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Inside an illegal speakeasy in Baghdad

In October Iraqi parliament banned all production, importation and sales of alcohol. Fines for violating the law can be as much as $21,00 dollars but that is not the only repercussion to be feared. Many illegal liquor stores have encountered...
Isobel Yeung
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Some Iraqis think the liberation of Mosul could be the start of a bloody new chapter

"If you're going to slaughter me, slaughter me."
Hind Hassan
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9 Americans Said to Be Among 33 Terrorism Suspects Detained in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi news outlet said the Americans were picked up along with suspects from eight other countries on terrorism charges over the past week.
Reuters News Agency
Opinion and Analysis

Why the Fight Between Iran and Saudi Arabia Isn't About Religion

Though the spark was the execution of a prominent Shiite cleric in the Sunni Kingdom, it's really domestic politics, regional insecurity, falling oil prices, and other factors that are driving the confrontation.
Reza Marashi
defense & security

The Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Just Toured an Underground Bunker Filled With Missiles

The video is the latest sign that, despite the signing of a landmark nuclear deal between Iran and world powers last summer, the conventional arms race in the Middle East is continuing at pace.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
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Angry Protesters Ransack and Torch Saudi Embassy in Iran After Mass Execution

Saudi Arabia’s execution of prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr and 46 others triggered unrest across the Middle East on Saturday.
war and conflict

Is Syria About to Become Iran's Vietnam?

The Iranian government has invested much blood and gold in the effort to prop up the Assad regime, but the conflict could turn out to be a quagmire that the Islamic Republic finds difficult to extricate itself, and its proxies, from.
Torie Rose DeGhett
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Kidnapped Turkish Workers Shown in Iraqi 'Death Squad' Video Pledging Their Release

The kidnapping occurred on September 2, when gunmen in military uniforms later identified as members of a Shia militia abducted 18 workers from a construction site in Iraq.
Colleen Curry and Reuters
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The Sighting of Would-Be Arab League Avengers Fighting in Yemen Is Just a Mirage

Despite calls for an Arab League military alliance, experts suggest that the Sunni coalition fighting in Yemen looks to be a one-off rather than a sign of bigger things to come.
Torie Rose DeGhett