Bob Dylan Died 11 Years Ago, According to Siri

Ask how old the (extremely alive) singer-songwriter is, and Apple's virtual assistant will tell you he passed on April 24, 2008, at age 66.
Drew Schwartz
2 days ago

Researchers Created AI That Hides Your Emotions From Other AI

As smart speaker makers such as Amazon improve emotion-detecting AI, researchers are coming up with ways to protect our privacy.
Samantha Cole

Microsoft Contractors Listened to Xbox Owners in Their Homes

Multiple contractors working for Microsoft explain how they listened to audio captured by Xbox consoles.
Joseph Cox

Microsoft Admits Humans Listen to Skype and Cortana in Privacy Policy Update

The change comes after Motherboard found that Microsoft hired contractors to listen to some Skype phone calls.
Joseph Cox

Revealed: Microsoft Contractors Are Listening to Some Skype Calls

Documents, screenshots, and audio obtained by Motherboard show that humans listen to Skype calls made using the app's translation function.
Joseph Cox
school shootings

Boy told Apple’s Siri: “I’m going to shoot up a school.” Siri responded with a list of schools in the area

A middle school student in Indiana was arrested and charged with intimidation.
Tess Owen

People Are Creating Sick Beats by Asking Siri to Do Math

Ask Siri to calculate 1 trillion to the tenth power and it will go hard.
Caroline Haskins
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Yes, Your Creepy Phone Is Listening to What You Say

Even without triggering Siri or Google, our phones can store data from our daily conversations.
VICE Staff
Google I/O

Google Duplex Puts AI Into a Social Uncanny Valley

Google Assistant can now make phone calls, but the people answering the phones at small businesses can't yet form a relationship with an AI agent.
S.A. Applin
Sex Ed

Don't Ask Siri About Your Weird Sex Thing

Researchers asked Siri and Google a barrage of questions in a sex-health battle of the voice assistants.
Samantha Cole
the singularity

The Musk/Zuckerberg Dustup Represents a Growing Schism in AI

Two distinct visions for the future of AI are emerging.
Frank White
What Is the iPhone?

Siri Is Not 'Genderless'

Siri is the culmination of decades of feminized emotional labour.
Julia Dyck