Porn Star Summer Brielle Shares Your Pervy Instagram DMs with the World

When one fan messaged her saying he'd like her to suck him like a popsicle, Brielle replied, "I bite popsicles in half and deposit them into food processors before force feeding the resulting slushy to other popsicles."


Chris Nieratko Hates Condoms and Loves Celebrity Sex Tapes

In this month's 'Skinema' column, Chris Nieratko takes a look at Condemned.


Review: Hot Tub Whore Machine

I tried to follow plot of this movie where a busty porn star goes back in time to get gangbanged by an 80s hair-metal band, but my mind kept trying to imagine what I might do if I had a time machine of my own.


Take No Prisoners

I don't know what it's like in most prisons, but if it's anything like what I endured—scheduling times to go skate between getting one kid on the bus and dropping the other off—then I truly feel sorry for the masses of incarcerated people.


Inappropriate Vices


My Friend Has Inked Some of the Worst Tattoos of All Time

I'm not talking ironic hipster tattoos of bacon or Rambo; I'm talking praying hands pressed together holding a machete or an Uzi in preparation for a holy war.


Catching Up with the Actress Formerly Known as Belladonna

Belladonna's fans have been wondering what she's been doing since leaving porn, and I'm sure they were shocked to see her pop up in Inherent Vice.


How It Felt to Watch My Wife Get a Boob Job

I consider myself a pretty well-traveled dude, but I still fainted at the sight of my wife's new breasts.


Nikki Benz: Jungle Fever

I've never understood why regular, ordinary sex with a black man is still seen as so taboo or risque for white porn actresses.


BBQ TitMasters

For years I've wanted to make a barbecue-themed porn flick, and now Joanna Angel has completely ripped me off. This blatant plagiarism will not stand!