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Inside the Lucrative Underground Market for Pre-Made Beats

On this episode of 'The VICE Magazine Podcast,' we talk about our dusty cover photo and the growing popularity (and controversy) around beat leasing.
The 2017 Music Issue

Inside the Underground Beat Market Shaping Soundcloud Rap

As beat leasing becomes a common practice, artists gain independence, but what is lost?
Andrea Domanick

Canadian Tenor's Apologies to the Black Community Are Actually Worse Than His Anthem Stunt

This guy really doesn't know when to shut up.
Manisha Krishnan
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Earthly's Fractured Electronica in Their New Song, 'RGB'

It makes you feel like you're playing a video game adaptation of a Miyazaki movie.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Sun Araw Makes Mind-Bending Experimental Electronic Music

The solo project of Long Beach-based Cameron Stallones has created a strange world of psychedelic mathematics and electronics that somehow still sounds organic.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Yakki Divioshi, One of Atlanta's Hottest New Rappers

He's got a new track, "Back at It," produced by Spaghetti J.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Candide's Soulful Dance Track, 'Detract'

Candide is a Berlin/Brooklyn duo who use the miraculous gift of the internet to send digital song snippits back and forth to each other and finish them collaboratively.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Invisible Things' Ethereal Noise Rock

Their new track is textured and bleak, drums lapsing occasionally into militaristic beats, before the entire song transitions into a 60s psychedelic dreamscape drone spectacular.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Tom Diabo's Haunting Acoustic Songs

German musician Tom Diabo died in 1986 at the age of 30, after battling brain cancer for seven years. Decades later, his music is finally receiving the wide release it deserves.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Ben Zimmerman's Chaotic Electronic Composition, 'Da Chopp'

It's from an experimental collage of songs produced using a Tandy DeskMate computer between 1992 and 2002.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Philly's Best Communist Rock Band, the Guests

They've given us their full album, according to their ability, for us to post, according to our need.
River Donaghey and Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: DJ Smokey Makes Weirdo Remixes of Memphis Rap

If you've trawled the depths of YouTube for old DJ Screw videos, you've probably come across DJ Smokey. He remixes a lot of old Three 6 songs, like this track, "I Can Get Ignorant Part 2," which samples "Psychopathic Lunatic."
Charlie Ambler