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Eight Jobs You Can Do from a Tree

Or in a cave, or in a hole, or on the water. (Anywhere, you see.)
Evie Carrick
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Stephen Miller’s Old Teacher Suspended for Calling Him a ‘Loner’ Who Ate Glue

After saying he was a "strange dude" in third grade, the 72-year-old is on temporary "home assignment."
Drew Schwartz
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Teacher Arrested for Cramming His Kid Inside a Claw Machine to Rob It

Middle school teacher Anthony Helinski is now facing a string of criminal charges, including child endangerment and theft.
River Donaghey

This Middle School Teacher Moonlights as a Nazi-Themed Wrestler

Now his school district is investigating after "Blitzkrieg, the German Juggernaut" flashed the Nazi salute as part of his routine.
Drew Schwartz
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Florida Teacher Allegedly Drowned Raccoons in Class for a Bizarre Science Lesson

And one of his traumatized students seems to have filmed the whole thing.
Drew Schwartz
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A Math Teacher Quizzed His Students About Coke and Drug Dealers

"You take 600 mg of cocaine. Your body filters out 40 percent per hour. How high are you in three hours?"
Drew Schwartz

'Like an Artist,' Today's Comic by Ida Neverdahl

A young girl gets to know her artistic soul and learns how to draw outside the lines.
Ida Neverdahl
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Students Learn More if Their Teacher Is Hot, Study Says

Researchers found that not only did the students with the attractive professor score better on the test, they rated the professor higher than the not-hot one.
VICE Staff

What It's Like to Teach Teens in Your 20s

Can you have a normal life if you've got to be a role model for a bunch of brats?
Francisco Garcia

This Teacher Was Fired for Breaking into School to Watch Porn and Have Phone Sex

Apparently teachers don't know how to use their own computers either.
Jake Kivanc
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A Teacher Leads a Double Life in Today's Comic from Benjamin Marra

In our new comic series, 'What We Mean By Yesterday,' artist Benjamin Marra shows us the darker side of junior high.
Benjamin Marra

This Is What a 'Female Pickup Artist' Seminar Is Actually Like

According to the organizers, "Get the Guy" is more about "personal empowerment" than picking up men. Still, when it advertises itself as teaching you "how to find, attract, and keep your ideal man," it's hard not to draw parallels.
Abi Millar