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Manila's Best Cocktails Are Made With the Help of Shamans

Kalel Demetrio is basically a mad scientist—his fermentation cocktail lab is packed with hundreds of vials and beakers full of boozy experiments.
Hillary Eaton
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Duterte just bounced the Philippines out of the International Criminal Court

"The Philippines is withdrawing its ratification of the Rome Statute effective immediately.”
Tim Hume
the Philippines

Duterte warns Trump to “lay off” human rights lecture

Greg Walters
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Duterte wants “lousy” U.S. to help fight drugs in the Philippines

Tim Hume
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Philippine President Duterte says he was kidding about throwing someone from a helicopter

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made his latest flamboyant claim this week when he said that he once threw a "corrupt" person from a helicopter in flight as punishment. He then threatened to do it again.
Rex Santus
Hong Kong

A Taste of Home with the 'Foreign Domestic Helpers' of Hong Kong

Hong Kong hosts more than 300,000 live-in maids from the Philippines and Indonesia, many of whom have experienced abuse at the hands of their employers. I had a traditional Filipino dinner with three of them as they shared their stories.
Justin Heifetz​​
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Duterte drops f-bomb on EU over criticism of Philippines drug war

President Rodrigo Duterte wagged his middle finger in the air and said, "Fuck you" to the European Union over a request to halt the killing of drug suspects.
Brendan James
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Obama Has Canceled His Philippines Visit After President Duterte Called Him a 'Son of a Bitch'

"Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet," the Philippine president said following White House criticisms of the country's bloody war on drugs.
Vincent Dwyer
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'Rambo' Gets 20 Years for Drug and Murder Plots, but His Boss's Fate Remains a Mystery

An ex-US Army sniper instructor named Joseph "Rambo" Hunter was sentenced on Tuesday in US District Court after his notorious former boss aided the DEA in a sting operation.
Keegan Hamilton

North Korean Cargo Ship Seized by the Philippines Under Strict New UN Sanctions

The freighter, which was flying the flag of Sierra Leone, will also have its 21 crew members deported while Manila awaits the arrival of a UN inspection team.
Reuters and VICE News
South China Sea

A New Incident Between China and the Philippines May Be Looming

An expedition to a disputed island by a group of Filipino people may anger Chinese authorities, which lay claim to a large part of the South China Sea.
Reuters and VICE News

Chef's Night Out: Manila

MUNCHIES explores Manila, capital of the Philippines, with Rural Kitchen of Liliw, Laguna chef Justin Sarabia, tasting the good, the bad, and the extra-weird eats the city has to offer.
Justin Sarabia