The Tight Squeeze Issue

The Tight Squeeze Issue

Harvesting Psychedelic Honey in the Mountains of Nepal

In this month's Artifact, VICE's Chloe Campion remembers hiking through the Himalayas to film a documentary about a mystical, hallucinogenic honey.
Chloe Campion
The Tight Squeeze Issue

The Woman Determined to Be the First Trans Person to Sail the World Alone

"When things get violent, and the boats get thrown around, and you're tossed around like a cork in a bottle—you find out who you are."
Diana Tourjée
The Tight Squeeze Issue

DonMak, Burger Impersonator

Would you like a side of fries to go with your geopolitical turmoil?
Alex Swerdloff
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Why the Beret Is a Hat for Our Times

French tradition, artistic integrity, military conflict. The beret can mean many things. But in 2017, it’s a symbol of revolution.
Alice Newell-Hanson
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Chicago Cordially Asks You to Please Write Its St. Patrick's Day Parade into Your Movie

Show up with Mark Ruffalo and 20 camera guys, and I promise you we will not notice.
Blythe Roberson
The Tight Squeeze Issue

I Was a College Athlete, and NCAA Amateurism Doesn't Help Us

March Madness is suffused with "love of the game" propaganda justifying restrictions on paying athletes. A former Division I basketball player explains why those roles are burdensome and irrelevant.
Luke Bonner
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Hitler's Doctor Said the Dictator Almost Died from a Cocaine Overdose

An assassination attempt got Hitler addicted to "that cocaine thing," according to a new book.
Norman Ohler; Illustrations by Armando Veve
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Read 'The Pornographers', New Fiction From Ottessa Moshfegh

A short story by the young American writer.
Ottessa Moshfegh
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Photographer Zhongjia Sun Turns Still-Life Photography on Its Head

Sun's photos manipulate ordinary images to challenge our perception of art in consumer culture.
Zhongjia Sun
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Photographs of the Aftermath of the Iraqi Forces in Eastern Mosul

Over the past two years, ISIS has destroyed most of the bridges, but they remain the primary way to cross and transfer goods from a safe area to an occupied one.
Robin Hinsch
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Will Trump Change the Way Immigrants Love?

"We have sex a lot less often, and I think it's because we're in our heads a lot, thinking about the current situation."
Ana Cecilia Alvarez
The Tight Squeeze Issue

There Is No Explaining Vince Staples

We had some sushi in the studio with the prolific 23-year-old rapper as he told us about his upcoming new album, 'Big Fish Theory.'
Kyle Kramer