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Talking to the Hacker Who Took Down a Fifth of the Dark Web

“This is in fact my first hack ever.”
Joseph Cox
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Here's How People Are Actually Using Bitcoin

We talk to Bitcoin users following the latest episode of <i>Black Market: Dispatches</i> on the dark web.
Ezra Marcus
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Some Kids Tried to Fix Ancient Stone Art and Wound Up Ruining It

Local officials are pissed, calling the incident a "tragedy" for Norway's cultural heritage.
VICE Staff

Aphex Twin Is Dropping Clues On the Deep Web About His New Album, Syro

Here's everything we know about Syro, Aphex Twin's first studio album in over a decade.
VICE Thump

Aphex Twin Is Dropping Clues On the Deep Web About His New Album

Richard D. James used TOR to reveal the tracklist (and even BPM details) of "Syro," his first album in 14 years.
Michelle Lhooq at THUMP

This Is What It's Really Like to Be One of the Biggest Drug Lords On Silk Road

"Ace" has made a fortune as boss of the notorious Scurvy Crew.
Jake Hanrahan

A Hacker Scrubbed Child-Porn Links from the Dark Web's Most Popular Site

The recent hack of the Hidden Wiki, a site long known as the essential start page for anyone first visiting the deep web, has brought to the fore an intrinsic tension in the fight against censorship.
Derek Mead

How Jihadists Use the Internet

Islamic extremists probably know how to work the web better than you do. But how has that changed in the wake of the revelations of NSA spying? We asked a few experts what the future holds for jihadists and the internet.
Joseph Cox

Good News, Drug Users - Silk Road Is Back!

After the FBI seized the deep web's favorite drug market and arrested its alleged founder Ross Ulbricht last month, the online marketplace cum libertarian movement has found a new home, and we were treated to an early tour of the site.
Joseph Cox

Jacob Appelbaum Doesn't Have Much Hope for the Future of Privacy

Jacob Appelbaum has been called the "most dangerous man in cyberspace." But he's not, and it's a label that pisses him off. In reality, Appelbaum is a renowned cybersecurity expert who happens to be one of the developers for the Tor Project and a...
John Lubbock