A Glitch in the Law Is Trapping Drunk Drivers in Jail Without Treatment

More than 170 people with DWI sentences of two years or more are serving their time in North Carolina jails with little or no access to help—or sunshine.
Joseph Neff
High Wire

How Safe Is America's Hottest Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Vivitrol is all the rage amid a brutal opioid epidemic. But it may also make it almost impossible to feel pleasure—and raise the risk of fatal overdose after relapse.
Maia Szalavitz
High Wire

The Feds Are About to Stick It to Pain Patients in a Big Way

Doctors are already getting spooked out of prescribing painkillers, and new rules could make life in some of America's struggling communities even worse.
Maia Szalavitz

This Doctor Is Fighting the AIDS Epidemic Spreading Among Gay Black Men

Few populations are more at risk of contracting HIV than gay black men in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Leandro Mena runs a clinic there that fights back against this crisis.
Wilbert L. Cooper

What It's Like to Self-Medicate with Illegal Drugs

According to a number of studies, around two-thirds of problematic drug users report childhood physical or sexual abuse. These figures need to be taken seriously.
JS Rafaeli

The Drug Users Taking Advantage of the UK's New Lenient Policing Policies

Two British police forces have started referring people caught with a personal amount of drugs to educational workshops rather than sending them to court.
Max Daly

What It Was Like Being a Test Subject in One of the Earliest LSD Experiments

Doctors and nurses in the province used to be tripping out all the time. Now years later, LSD as medicine could be back.
Geraldine Malone

Black Magic and Chicken Blood: Photos of My Week with Sierra Leone's Witch Doctors

A gallery of photographer Olivia Acland's latest work from Sierra Leone where she visited doctors that use a combination of black magic and herbal medicines to cure the sick.
Olivia Acland

Are We (Finally) About to Start Studying Marijuana as a Treatment for PTSD?

An interview with medical marijuana researcher Dr. Sue Sisley.
David Bienenstock

We Meet The Parents Medicating Their Kids with Weed on the First Episode of 'WEEDIQUETTE' on VICELAND

Watch the first episode of 'WEEDIQUETTE' on VICELAND, where we meet families using hyper-potent weed oil to treat their children's life-threatening cancer.
VICE Staff
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Why Isn't America Doing the One Thing That Would Reduce Heroin Deaths Right Now?

Addicts are needlessly dying of overdose because so many powerful people view "drugs to fight drugs" as suspect.
Maia Szalavitz

What No One Tells You About Life After Mental Illness

No one ever really "recovers" from a mental illness, but we need to get better at talking about how you get your life back.
Jessica Brown