Start Rolling Your Blunts: The Best Science Stories to Read When You’re High

Recreational cannabis use is legal in Canada starting today, so here’s some trippy science to celebrate with.


Watch the Trippy Winners of a Microscopic Film Contest

Nikon's Small World in Motion honors the best movie or time-lapse photography taken through a microscope.


Watch a Computer Learn to Play ‘Doom’ Inside a Dream

Researchers got deep learning models to train inside their own hallucinated ideas of the world.


LSD Brings Your Brain to the Edge of Chaos

This new LSD study is like an acid trip all on its own.


Watch Paint and Water Dance in These Trippy Videos

Artist Kamiel Rongen will mesmerize you with his trippy videos.


A Spinning Digital World Is Filled with Modern-Day Terracotta Soldiers

The music video "On My Way" is a trippy journey through a never-ending digital design abyss.


End of the Road

The final installment of our serialized graphic novel, the Highwayman.


'The Third Quadrant, So Far,' Today's Comic by Brian McCray

Things get a little trippy when a captain and his second-in-command realize they've been in outer space for too long.


Moodica Is the Netflix of Zen Video Content

The online trove of gorgeous high-definition footage is like meditation for your eyeballs.


If Aliens Took Shrooms, Their Spaceship Might Look Like This

Miguel Chevalier's 'In / Out - Artificial Paradise' is as trippy on the inside as it is stunning on the outside.


Ever Spaced Out While (Not) Doing Homework? That's Exactly How This Video Feels

You might already be familiar with Johan Rijpma's mind-bending new short, 'Extrapolate.'


Obscure Mathematics Make Max Cooper's Music Video Mesmerizing

"There's just something so divine about that law, it's just so primal and insanely complicated. Almost like the soul of everything. It just feels spiritual to me."