White Nationalists on Telegram Are Hailing the Germany Synagogue Shooter as a ‘Saint’

The gleeful reaction of white nationalists on Telegram provides yet another example of the international nature of the modern far right.


Germany Synagogue Shooter Denied Holocaust in Video Uploaded to Twitch

A Twitch spokesperson confirmed the link to the video has been taken down.


My Partner's Twitch Stream Transformed Our Sex Life

Talking about sex with an audience of strangers became a new kind of foreplay.


Ninja, Twitch's Biggest 'Fortnite' Streamer, Goes Exclusive With Microsoft's Mixer

In a short video posted to Twitter, he said he wanted to get back to his 'streaming roots.'


The E-Girl Community Is a World of Glittery Pink Clouds, Harassment — and Now Murder

For many e-girls, Bianca Devins' death hit way too close to home.


Dr. Disrespect Has Been Unbanned From Twitch Two Weeks After Streaming From Public Bathroom

Guy Beahm is back on Twitch after violating the streaming platform's rules at E3.


Bernie Sanders Will Stream on Twitch Before and After the Democratic Debate

On Monday night, Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign launched a Twitch channel. The campaign will stream on the platform before and after Thursday's presidential debate.


Twitch Sues to Identify Users Who Uploaded Christchurch Video and Porn to Its Platform

Users posted the violating material to the section of Twitch for Valve-developed game 'Artifact' over Memorial Day weekend.


Dr. Disrespect Banned from Twitch and E3 After Streaming From Public Bathroom

The hugely popular Twitch streamer’s first IRL broadcast did not go well.


Twitch Flooded with Streams of 'Game of Thrones', Porn, and the Christchurch Attack Video

After no one watched streams for Valve-created game Artifact, some users started their own meme streams. Then other content seeped in.


How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a 50 Hour ‘Donkey Kong 64’ Twitch Stream Restored My Faith in Humanity

Ocasio-Cortez crashed a Twitch stream raising money for a charity that focuses on helping transgender children.


'Overwatch' Esports Pro Says 'Probably 20 Players' Use Adderall in the Official League

"imagine if it was illegal to completely use adderall, they'd be so fucked."