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Filmmaker Larry Clark Talks About the Future and Shooting in French

"I don't speak any French, but it was OK, since the language and the emotion of the film are close to English, I think."
John Tuite
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Photographer Lee Friedlander’s Monumental Legacy in Books

A look back at the photographer's life and influential work.
Giancarlo T. Roma
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The Followers of a Wrathful Buddhist Spirit Versus the Dalai Lama

In the past two decades, the followers of the Dorje Shugden have become the bogeymen of the Tibetan movement and its supporters worldwide.
Mark Hay
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Infographic: How Africa’s Film Industry Stacks Up to the Rest of the World

Nigeria's Nollywood is the second-largest producer of movies in the world. How does it compare with Hollywood and Bollywood?
Haisam Hussein
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Looking Back at My Grandmother's Erotic Novels

Heidi Julavits's new short story is a collage of sentences taken from smutty books she found in her grandmothers collection of smutty books in the 1970s.
Heidi Julavits
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Spike Jonze and Chris Milk Discuss the Future of Virtual Reality Film

"It's like you don't have a body. You're able to empathize without having the self-consciousness of being two feet away from someone or invading their space."
Ryan Grim
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Photography Students Remake Famous Full Frontal Nudes

Even if you try very hard to remake someone else's work, your photographs can only be your own.
SVA BFA Photography
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Photos That Are 'Too Hard to Keep'

Jason Lazarus asked for photos that people couldn't bear to hold on to, and this is what he received from anonymous donors.
VICE Staff
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March Music Reviews

Drake's a dick, Big Sean is (suddenly) good, and Lighting Bolt made an album that defies their two-decade legacy.
VICE Staff
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Spending Quality Time in Slovakia’s Infamous Roma Ghetto

A journey into the strange, bombed-out neighborhood of Lunik IX.
Alex Sturrock and Martin Slepcik
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The Worldwide War Against Free Speech

Blackmail and fear are the tools used to destroy freedom of expression. And beware, it is being destroyed.
Roberto Saviano
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I Traveled to Egypt for a Miracle Cure for My ALS

When I revealed my diagnosis to my mother, she told me to go to Cairo, convinced that I'd be healed there.
Angelina Fanous