The Best TikToks of the Week According to Me

I spend a troubling amount of time on the wildly-popular video app, TikTok. The least I can do is round up the best videos I saw this week.


Watch a Bunch of Fireworks Displays Go Terribly, Terribly Wrong

Nothing says "America" like a loud, bright, senseless series of explosions likely to spiral into chaos at any moment.


Not Even YouTube Knows What It's Doing About Steven Crowder

YouTube has caved to enormous pressure to punish a popular right-wing video creator for his racist and homophobic bullying of a journalist — sort of.


Hunting Silicon Valley's Doomsday Bunkers in New Zealand

In this new documentary, VICE looks for the one percent's apocalypse bunkers.


These ASMR-Esque Korean "Home Cafe" Videos Relax My Entire Being

These videos have everything: clinking ice sounds, over-the-top drinks, and squishy, slime-like foam.


How to Build a Socially Conscious and Profitable Food Business

In an outtake from "Hustle," Wen-Jay Ying of Local Roots gets tips on how to build a profitable food business that still makes an impact.


Watch Scientists Express Their Research in Interpretive Dances

Dancers performed as electrons, brain processes, and teaching tools.


It's Not that Hard to Make Your Food Look Better on Instagram

In this outtake from "Hustle," a jam maker learns to make Instagram videos that people won't scroll past.


The Young Black Conservatives of Trump’s America

We went to a first-of-its-kind black conservative conference in DC to talk to young conservatives of color about what’s drawing them to the Republican party.


What It's Like Inside an 'Open' Prison

"Being in prison causes a lot of anguish. There’s nothing more than that, so we have to find a way to make confinement beneficial and not just a punishment."


It Doesn't Matter That There's a Video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dancing in College

The generation that has never logged off is bound to have more awkward, forever-archived moments surface online.


Meet the Students Trying to Make the Dream of a Hyperloop a Reality

The real story of the hyperloop's origins and its future.