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'Generation Wealth' Shows How Capitalism Makes Fools of Us All

The new documentary lays bare our nation's addiction to conspicuous consumption.
Eileen G'Sell
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How to Ask Your Coworkers How Much Money They Make

In honor of Equal Pay Day, pay equity experts give advice on having an honest conversation with colleagues about your salaries.
Kimberly Lawson
pay inequality

The Gender Pay Gap Actually Starts When We’re 14

In her book, "The Cost of Being a Girl," Yasemin Besen-Cassino illustrates how pay inequality begins when we first enter the workforce.
Kimberly Lawson
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Wahlberg Also Made Eight Times Michelle Williams's Salary for 'All the Money'

He was reportedly paid $5 million for his role, while Williams made just $625,000.
Drew Schwartz

Pioneering Australian senator breastfeeds at mic in parliament

Emma Fidel
The Rundown

Canadian Energy Company Wants to Dump Nuclear Waste Near Great Lake

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff
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Crushing Student Loan Debt Is Hurting Women the Most

Paying back tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt is a universally horrific experience, but it's worse for women.
Gabby Bess

We Spoke to the Spanish Politician Who Publicly Told Off Her Sexist Polish Colleague

Last week, Iratxe García made it clear she has no time for old Polish men telling the European Parliament that women "are weaker, smaller, and less intelligent."
Laura Conde

The Wage Gap Is Real, and It's Costing Women $500,000

A new study sets out to debunk every myth about why women workers are paid less than men.
Gabby Bess

Women Do Ask for Raises—They Just Don't Receive Them, Study Says

A new study on the gender wage gap disputes the theory that women are often paid less than men because they never ask for raises.
Kimberly Lawson
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Congress to Consider Landmark Bill to Help Close the Gender Wage Gap

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton plans to introduce a bill to help close the gender wage gap by forbidding employers from asking the salary history of job candidates.
Candace Bryan

Happy Women's Equality Day: Everything Is Still Bad

Fifty-one years after the establishment of Women's Equality Day, women are still underrepresented in politics, sexual violence is rampant, and the wage gap persists—but things are getting better.
Linda Yang