Pornhub Set Up a Mirror Site to Get Around India’s Porn Ban

India revived an order that blocks pornographic websites, but users are working around it.
Samantha Cole
Porn Star Privacy

Facial Recognition for Porn Stars Is a Privacy Nightmare Waiting to Happen

The underlying tech being used by Pornhub could one day be used by more nefarious actors to identify amateur and unwitting porn models.
Samantha Cole
Open Internet

Porn Companies Tell Us Why the End of Net Neutrality Will Make Porn Boring

Pornhub, xHamster, Kink, Redtube, and ManyVids voice their concerns.
Samantha Cole

Porn Is Teaching Us How to Do Sex

Schools won't, so sex workers, porn distributors, and erotic artists are stepping up to educate their fans about the basics of sex ed.
Matt Baume

Hackers Are Trading Hundreds of Thousands of xHamster Porn Account Details

The data includes usernames, email addresses, and what appear to be poorly-hashed passwords.
Joseph Cox
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People at the RNC Are Watching a Ton of Porn, Apparently

According to popular porn site xHamster, porn viewership is up 184 percent in Cleveland ever since the RNC came to town.
VICE Staff

The Porn Industry Doesn't Care About What Women Want

If you paid a recent visit to Pornhub, YouPorn, or xHamster, you might have seen the "for women" category flagged with a little Venus symbol.
Chloe Papas

We Watched That New Porn Reality Show ‘Sex Factor’ So You Don’t Have to

But now you kind of want to, don't you?
Janis Hopkins

States Against Obama's Trans Law Watch a Ton of Trans Porn, Porn Site Reveals

Eleven states have sued the Obama administration because of the president's trans bathroom directive. In a Broadly exclusive, XHamster reveals that the residents of these states have viewed trans porn on their website millions of times.
Mitchell Sunderland
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The Woman Who Looks Like Ted Cruz Is Going to Do Porn

The decision to have sex on camera was a no-brainer, she said.
VICE Staff
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A Porn Site Has Started Blocking North Carolina Users Over the State's Anti-LGBT Law

"We will not standby and pump revenue into a system that promotes this type of garbage. We respect all sexualities and embrace them," the site said in a statement.
VICE Staff

Why Is Incest Porn So Popular?

There's been an increase in the consumption of porn in which the actors pretend to be related, but is incest really what the fans want, or do they just crave something more outrageous than the last thing they saw?
Gareth May