'Cave Homo,' the Zine Celebrating Your Favorite Queer Skateboarders

The second issue features Lacey Baker and work from 17 queer artists.
Tobias Coughlin-Bogue

How Feminist Zine Culture Has Evolved

From Riot Grrrl to a more inclusive and high aesthetic present, a new exhibition shows the changing faces of a century of independent print.
Ione Gamble
Ink Spots

The True Spirit of 'The Simpsons' Lives On in These Bootleg Zines

"There's so much Springfield-related creativity happening right now—it's just that none of it is coming from the show's creators."
Giacomo Lee

The New York Art Book Fair Is Still a Sweaty Sauna

I've covered Printed Matter's New York Art Book Fair since 2012. Each year it's grown and changed—except for this year, when it didn't.
Nick Gazin
Ink Spots

This Islamic Zine Gives Muslims a Platform to Tackle Taboos

The Khidr Collective wants to create a space for Muslims to be themselves.
Hussein Kesvani

These Aren't Your Crusty Grandpa's Zines

Rock Paper Scissors and a Three-Armed Shovel​ brought together the work of a diverse and intersectional coalition of creative people who make art books that are personal and powerful.
Amirah Mercer
50 states of art

The Nebraska Zine Fest Turning Makers into Activists

The Omaha Zine Fest aims to be more than a DIY marketplace—it's a platform for knowledge and action.
Mikelle Street
50 states of art

Forage for Wild Edibles at Nebraska's "DIO" Festival

A thriving community of “creative freaks” are carving out a DIY creative scene in the traditionally-conservative Lincoln, NE.
DJ Pangburn
Creators: 50 States of Art

Florida Womyn Carve Out Spaces for Feminist Voices With “She/Folk” Network

Co-founders Nico Mazza and Arianne Keegan want to create a safe, judgment free space for women and women-identifying individuals to share online.
Sami Emory
The Artist

'It Takes a Zoo to Make a Zine,' Today's Comic by Anna Haifisch

The Artist is trying to sell the zine he made with the help of many animals.
Anna Haifisch
The Artist

'Art Jail,' Today's Comic by Anna Haifisch

There's a special prison for artists. It seems like the greatest place on Earth.
Anna Haifisch
VICE Long Reads

How the Spice Girls Ripped 'Girl Power' from Its Radical Roots

The Spice Girls co-opted Girl Power and told us we could have it all. Was it true? Or a way for them to take our money with branded merchandise? Twenty years later, we spoke to those at the center of it all to find out.
VICE Staff