Four Stories

Intel and W Hotels made some films and they're great.

Four Stories was a competition put together by Intel Ultrabook and W Hotels inviting aspiring film-makers to submit original screenplays that would be assessed by a panel of judges, including Roman Coppola and Eddy Moretti, creative director of VICE. Four scripts were picked and have been turned into ten-minute shorts. They're all below and they're all really good.


Written by Ben Sayeg and directed by Lake Bell, El Tonto! tells the story of a friendship between a nerdy American tourist and a masked luchador wrestler in Mexico City.


Modern/Love – written by Amy Jacobowitz and directed by Lee Krieger – follows a couple who've been in a long-distance internet relationship going on holiday together to Doha and having to deal with stuff like actually looking each other face to face IRL.


In The Mirror Between Us – written and directed by Kahil Joseph two women have their worlds turned upside down, so do what everyone does when something traumatic happens to them: go on a dream-like adventure through the Maldives.


Imagine being able to type anything, only for it to materialise right in front of you. I don't want to know what you'd type, but you could get some tips from Eugene – written by Adam Blampied and directed by Spencer Sussex – because, funnily enough, that's exactly what happens.


Roman Coppola also made his own film – starring Jason Schwartzman – but you can't watch that until 3,000 people have shared it, so click here to be one of those people.