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Why It's So Easy for the Mentally Ill to Get and Keep Guns in America

The alleged Fort Lauderdale airport shooter was one of several recent high-profile gunmen who suffered from psychiatric issues but did not meet the high bar for a firearms ban.
Maura Ewing

Americans Stocked up on Assault Rifles Before Election Day

With anxiety swirling about Hillary Clinton's expected win in the presidential race, gun dealers reported a spike in sales of assault weapons.
Alex Yablon
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Will Hillary Clinton Really Take America's Guns Away?

We asked a constitutional law professor how far a new Democratic President's gun-control policies could go.
Allie Conti

How Leaving America Changes What People Think About Guns

"When I hear about people who own 15 assault weapons I think, why do you need that?"
Chantal Panozzo

What I Learned About My Father from Inheriting His Guns

After my dad died, I wanted nothing to do with his guns. Years later, they revealed a connection we never had in life.
Monica Potts
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Sunday's Democratic Debate Showed How Seriously Bernie Sanders Is Being Taken

With two weeks left before the Iowa caucuses, the story in the Democratic race is Bernie Sanders's surge, and whether Clinton can successfully handle herself in the face of growing pressure.
John Surico

How to Tell a Mass Shooting from Gang Gunfire: Lessons from the Streets of San Bernardino

As investigators gathered evidence at the Inland Regional Center in the hours after the December 2 attack, longterm residents shared stories of one of the most overlooked strains of gun violence.
Mike Kessler

Talking to Convicted Felons About Gun Control and Mass Shootings

These inmates have first-hand experience with gun activity—legal and otherwise—and most of them are skeptical the government can or will do anything to limit Americans' access to firearms.
Robert Rosso

Almost Every Fatal Terrorist Attack in America Since 9/11 Has Involved Guns

Firearms have claimed 95 percent of the lives lost to terrorism in the United States over the last 14 years.
Louis Klarevas

Calling Bullshit on the Internet's Left-Wing Gun Control Memes

Something needs to be done about America's gun violence problem, but these arguments are duds.
Mike Pearl

A Columbine Parent Reflects on the Prospects for Gun Control

Tom Mauser lost his son in the massacre at the Colorado high school 16 years ago and has some ideas about how to go on after the shooting of two journalists on live TV in Virginia.
Corey G. Johnson

Why Was Dylann Roof Able to Buy a Gun After Being Busted with Suboxone?

The 21-year-old who confessed to killing nine people in South Carolina last month had previously been arrested with Suboxone, but the feds couldn't find the police report in time to stop him from buying a pistol.
Allie Conti